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January 2021


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Retired G-Man Launches Investigation to Identify Who Betrayed Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

By Steve Neavling

A retired FBI agent has made it his mission to determine who notified the Nazis where Anne Frank was hiding during World War II.

Former FBI Agent Vince Pankoke has tapped a 19-member team that plans to use new investigative techniques that weren’t available 50 years ago, the Guardian reports. 

The team also has access to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, which collects archives and is supporting the investigation.

Pankoke also has received recently declassified documents that may help investigators get closer to solving the mystery.

Frank and her family were found hiding in a secret place above a canal-side warehouse.

Frank was taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and she was later shipped to Bergen-Belsen, where she died in 1945 at the age of 15 from typhus.

After the war, authorities never were able to identify who betrayed the family’s hiding spot.

NY FBI Agent Honored for Doomed WWII Secret Mission

Shoshanna Utchenik

FBI Special Agent Harold Haberfeld is being honored for his service, nearly 70 years after his plane crashed in a WWII mission in northern Africa, reports Fox News. The FBI Buffalo office dedicated its main conference room to Haberfeld in an outdoor ceremony Thursday.

However Haberfeld’s ill-fated mission was so top-secret that his home bureau in Buffalo isn’t entirely sure what it was.

It has been surmised that Haberfeld and Percy “Sam” Foxworth, the assistant director of the FBI’s special intelligence services branch, were sent to interview the French-born American citizen living in Algiers. Charles Bedaux, a 57-year-old millionaire industrialist who admitted close friendships with Nazi party leaders, later killed himself. According to Fox, the agents’ plane apparently went down from mechanical problems and it took 5 years to recover any remains, which were laid to rest in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in Missouri.

Hoover wrote afterward, “… Special Agent Haberfeld had an outstanding record in the service. His excellent background and superior abilities were assurance of a splendid future in the Bureau.”

Buffalo agents are requesting that FBI headquarters declassify the details of the mission, but they didn’t wait for a response to dedicate a memorial in Haberfeld’s honor.

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