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October 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Retired DEA Agent Writing Fiction Book, ‘Metal Coffins’ about Drug Cartels

By Steve Neavling

When Mike Vigil retired from the DEA in 2014, he was an expert in cracking down on drug cartels in Central America.

Instead of quietly retiring, Vigil has used that experience to write a book, “Deal,” about his time with the DEA. Now Vigil is working his first book of fiction called “Metal Coffins.”

“It talks about two fictional cartels that are in conflict with one another,” Vigil told KRQE. “It talks about the typical corruption, the treacherous nature of these cartels and it also talks about the convergence.”

Vigil believes it’s still going to be a long time to defeat the cartels.

“So even if you take Chapo Guzman down and he’s extradited into the United States,” said Vigil. “The Sinaloa Cartel, because of that horizontal structure, will continue to remain one of the most powerful organizations in Mexico.”

Former FBI Agent Answers Her Calling to Be a Writer About Fighting Crime

Former FBI Agent Jerri Williams, via Twitter

Former FBI Agent Jerri Williams, via Twitter

By Steve Neavling

Former FBI Agent Jerri Williams couldn’t shake the feeling that she wanted to be a writer and share her stories about fighting crime on a podcast.

The podcasts became so popular last week that they ended up No. 1 on the coveted “new and noteworthy” list on iTunes, CBS Philadelphia reports. 

“I was shocked. I have no idea why they selected my podcast but I am so grateful,” Williams said.

After joining the FBI in 1982, Williams left her job in 2008 and began working a the chief spokeswoman for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Then last summer, she left that job to answer her calling – be be a full-time writer.

She wrote a book, “Play to Play,” about a female FBI agent pursuing corruption in the strip club industry in Philadelphia.

“I thought, this needs to be a book and so I wrote one,” Williams said with a smile.

Williams is already working on her second novel, one inspired by a Philadelphia Ponzi scheme from the 1990s.