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October 2020


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: wifi

USA Today Columnist Hacked Mid-Air While Writing Apple-FBI Story

Apple logoSteven Petrow
USA Today

“I don’t really need to worry about online privacy,” I used to think. “I’ve got nothing to hide. And who would want to know what I’m up to, anyway?”

Sure, I’m a journalist, but I’m not an investigative reporter, not a political radical, not of much interest to anyone, really.

That was last week, when the standoff between the FBI and Apple seemed much more about principle than practice to me. That’s when I thought I’d write a column on whether this legal fight matters to regular folk — people like my mother, a retired social worker; my best friend, who works in retail; or even my 20-year-old niece in college. That was before I found out — in a chillingly personal way — just why it does matter. To all of us.

Just before midnight last Friday, my plane touched down in Raleigh after a three-hour flight from Dallas. As usual, I’d spent much of the flight working, using American Airlines Gogo in-flight Internet connection to send and answer emails. As I was putting on my jacket, a fellow in the row behind me, someone I hadn’t even noticed before, said: “I need to talk to you.” A bit taken aback, I replied, “It’s late … need to get home.”

“You’re a reporter, right?”

“Um, yes.”

“Wait for me at the gate.”

[I didn’t answer, but I did wait.]

“How did you know I was a reporter?” I asked while we started walking.

“Are you interested in the Apple/FBI story?” he responded, ignoring my question.

“Kind of. Why are you asking me that?” I thought he was some kind of creepy mind reader.

Then he dropped the bombshell.

“I hacked your email on the plane and read everything you sent and received. I did it to most people on the flight.” He had verbatim detail of a long email that he repeated back to me essentially word for word.

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Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill VP Joe Biden; Email Traced to Wifi in Thailand

white house photo

By Allan Lengel

Sounds like a case of displaced anger. After all, why Joe Biden?

Justin Alan Woodward was charged with threatening to kill Vice President Joe Biden after allegedly posting a message on the White House website, the Associated Press reported. He faces a detention hearing Wednesday in Hawaii.

AP reports that Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie said agents arrested Justin Alan Woodward on Friday when he arrived in Honolulu on a Delta Airlines flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

AP reported that the criminal complaint filed in federal court alleged that Woodward’s email was traced to a public Wi-Fi access point in Thailand.

The complaint notes that Woodward is from Kansas and was discharged from the Marines in 2004 after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.