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July 2021


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Justice Department’s Civil Rights Head Expected to Be Nominated Labor Secretary

Thomas Perez

Steve Neavling

President Obama is expected to nominate Thomas Perez, a civil rights expert, as his choice to head the Department of Labor, the Associated Press reports.

Head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division since 2009, the 51-year-old could be nominated as early as today.

Perez led an effort to challenge voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas because of the potential to restrict minority voting rights, the AP reported.

Perez has support from organized labor and many Hispanics.

Closing Arguments to Begin Today in Texas Voter ID Law Trial

By Steve Neavling

Judges who will determine the fate of Texas’ controversial voter ID law are to hear closing arguments in the case today after both sides wrapped up testimony Thursday.

During the hearing, some experts testified that the law, which would require voters to show a valid ID, would disproportionately affect minorities. Lawyers for Texas countered that there is no evidence to make such a claim.

The Justice Department claims the new law violates the Voting Rights Act, which was designed to protect minority voting rights.

The judges expect to make a decision before November’s election.



GOP: Justice Dept. Hired Biased Company to Fight Law

Steve Neavling

Republicans charge that the Justice Department used “an agent of the Democratic Party” to help defeat Texas’ controversial voter ID law, Fox News reports.

GOP leaders suggest the company, Catalist, has a conflict of interest because it has a history of helping prominent Democrats, including President Obama.

“The Department of Justice has a responsibility to enforce and uphold the laws of the land without the influence of partisan politics,” Smith wrote. “When the Department goes to court, it represents the United States of America, not the Attorney General’s political party.”

A federal judge is soon to begin hearing arguments to determine whether to overrule the Justice Department, which declared the law unconstitutional because it disproportionately disenfranchises Hispanic voters.

Justice Department Strikes Down South Carolina Voter ID Law

Steve Neavling

The Justice Department has rejected South Carolina’s voter identification law for the second time, saying the state has been unable to show the ID requirement isn’t discriminatory, the Associated Press reports.

Feds blocked the state’s photo ID requirement in December, saying it would prevent tens of thousands of minorities from voting.

State officials said the law is intended to prevent voter fraud.

Justice Department officials disagreed, saying the requirement violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act.