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September 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: U.S. Attorney

New D.C. U.S. Atty. Ron Machen Speaks Out About Mass Shooting in D.C. Where 4 Died and 5 Were Wounded

Chicago U.S. Atty Office Wants Ex-Gov. Blago’s State Atty to Testify

By Allan Lengel

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago wants a federal judge to compel the testimony of an attorney who served as Rod Blagojevich’s general counsel while he was governor of Illinois.

At issue is the attorney-client privilege involving the attorney William J. Quinlan. Blagojevich and his brother Robert face trial on public corruption charges.

In a court filing Wednesday, the government argued that Blagojevich had waived any client-attorney privilege when he allowed government employees involved in the case to listen to secretly recorded conversations involving Quinlan and Blagojevich in the fall of 2008. The government also wants Quinlan to disclose any relevant documents.

Up until that point, tapes that might have been subject to attorney-client claims had been held at arms length from prosecutors and reviewed by a “filter team” from the U.S. Attorney’s Office that had not been involved in the case, according to the court filing.

The government also argued that case law showed that a tax-paid state attorney should not be able to claim attorney-client privilege in a criminal case.

Read Govt. Motion

Detroit U.S. Atty. Barbara McQuade Launches Media Leak Probe in Corruption Investigation

U.S. Attorney McQuade

U.S. Attorney McQuade

By Allan Lengel

U.S. Attorney Barbara L. McQuade in Detroit announced Thursday that she’s launched an internal inquiry into “recent disclosures of information to the press regarding federal public corruption investigations.’

McQuade asked investigating agencies to conduct similar internal inquiries, according to a press release issued by her office.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI have been engaged in an ongoing probe into public corruption in city hall over the past few years. Targets include former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his father.

“Investigations are kept confidential for a number of important reasons, including protecting the integrity of the investigation, protecting the safety of witnesses, and protecting targets of investigation from public suspicion when no charges have been filed,” McQuade said in a statement. “We take our obligations to protect those interests seriously.”

She noted that if evidence was disclosed by a defendant in violation of a protective order, he would file a moiton for contempt of court.

“Although we can’t prevent witnesses from talking to the press, we will not tolerate leaks from the government or defendants in violation of protective orders,” McQuade said.

Calif. FBI Agent Agrees to Plead Guilty to Illegal Access of FBI Records, Court Document Shows

CALIFornia mapBy Allan Lengel

A veteran California FBI agent who investigated white collar crimes has agreed to plead guilty to illegally accessing FBI files to help an acquaintance collect a debt, according to court records.

A plea agreement filed by the U.S. Attorneys Office in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana, Calif.  said that agent Peter H. Norell Jr. accessed the FBI data base to get information to help the acquaintance “and according to Norell’s understanding, other investors.”

The document said that Norell “never intended to and never did initiate a legitimate FBI investigation into” the person who owed money, but he threatened to launch a probe against someone only identified as T.S. ,  if T.S.  did not pay off the debt.

It said he “communicated his threats to initiate an FBI investigation” in multiple phone calls as well as in person when Norell went to T.S.’s home at 6:45 a.m. on Sept. 16, 2005.

The document said that Norell was informed that T.S. paid a portion of the debt to the acquaintance. Part of the agreement was that Norell resign as an FBI agent.

Read Plea Agreement

Low-Key Brooklyn U.S. Atty. Benton Campbell Could Be Replaced Soon By Obama Appointee

In a town not known for its subtleties,  Brooklyn’s U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell is known as a low key, a nice guy.  He’ll be stepping down soon.
U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell/doj photo

U.S. Attorney Benton Campbell/doj photo

New York Times

NEW YORK — It should have been the culmination of a distinguished prosecutorial career.

Benton J. Campbell, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, was making a rare public appearance in Washington to announce the guilty plea from the man at the center of the terrorist plot to detonate explosives on subways in New York.

He stood by silently as Attorney General Eric H. Holder

Jr. did most of the talking, fleshing out the details of the case he described as one of the most serious threats to the nation since Sept. 11, 2001.

Then, responding to a reporter’s question, Mr. Holder turned to Mr. Campbell, whose office had secured the conviction, and addressed him by name — the wrong name.

”I’ll let Ben Wagner answer that question,” Mr. Holder said.

To read full story click here.


UPDATE: Party-Crashing Salahis Still on the Feds Radar

The Salahis pose with the v.p./facebook

The Salahis pose with the v.p./facebook

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The party-crashing Salahis — who are apparently “so yesterday” — are still in the crosshairs of federal authorities.

Ben Friedman, a spokesman U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, said Wednesday that the couple is still under investigation and no decision has been made whether to charge them criminally for crashing a White House party on November 24.

“There’s nothing further to report,” Friedman said.

Federal authorities could charge Tareq and Michaele Salahi with criminally trespassing or lying to a federal agent. But there are some observers who believe it could be a tough case to prove, and the government could end up being embarrassed if it loses the case.

Either way, even with a conviction, it’s not likely the couple would serve any jail time.

Ex-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Doing What He Does Best: Courting Trouble

Ex-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry

Ex-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Trouble is a constant companion of Ex-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, who is now a city council member.

Now the latest.

An independent report conducted by attorney William Bennett on behalf of the D.C. City Council has accused Barry of public corruption. The report says Barry  secured a $15,000 contract for an ex-girlfriend and then took a cut, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

“Barry obtained a contract for Donna Watts-Brighthaupt after lending her money to help pay her bills, according to a report delivered to the council by Washington lawyer Robert S. Bennett,” the Post reported. “To get some of his money back, Barry at one point delivered a city check to Watts-Brighthaupt, drove her to a bank and waited in the car until she came back with the cash.”

The paper said the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office has been looking at the matter and will review the report. Barry has denied wrongdoing.

To read more click here.

Judge May Sanction Ex-Fed Prosecutor in Wild Tiff With Supervisor

tampa1By Allan Lengel

In a case chock full of drama and wild accusations, a federal judge in Tampa is considering whether to sanction a former federal prosecutor in connection with his libel lawsuit against his former supervisor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Tampa Tribune reported.

The paper reported that the judge is considering whether ex-prosecutor Jeffrey Del Fuoco tried to “perpetuate the pattern of harassment” and “scandalous and impertinent accusations” in his suit against former boss, assistant U.S. Attorney Robert E. O’Neill.

De Fuoco, who left his job on bad terms four years ago, sees himself as a whistleblower, the paper wrote. And O’Neill sees De Fuoco as unhinged.

The paper reported that De Fuoco has tried to derail any chances of O’Neill becoming the U.S. Attorney and has written officials accusing him of him of adultery and corruption.

At one point, the paper reported that De Fuoco accused O’Neill of being a member of the Irish Republican Army.

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