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Undercover FBI Agent Denies Spending Tax Dollars on Prostitutes in the Philippines

Steve Neavling

An undercover FBI agent accused of using tax dollars to  pay for prostitutes for himself and others while posing as an arms broker in the Philippines denied wrongdoing, the Washington Post reports.

“At no time did I pay to have sex with any employee” of the two clubs, according to the declaration filed by federal prosecutors. “I was never told by any manager that the bill included prostitution, nor did I ever see prostitution, in any term, listed on any bill.”

The agent, whose name hasn’t been made public, sought nearly $15,000 for reimbursements for entertainment and other expenses, records state, according to the Post.

The subjects of the FBI investigation are now asking for the case to be dropped because of the agent’s alleged behavior. A defense attorney representing one of the defendants made the allegations about prostitutes in court papers.

Federal prosecutors said law enforcement officials never saw the undercover agent go anywhere to have sex with prostitutes.

Here is part of the statement by the FBI agent that was filed Monday. The statement mentions Philippine clubs called Area 51 or Air Force One.

“Each time an undercover meeting occurred with the defendants at either Area 51 or Air Force One, we would meet in private rooms were called ” Karaoke rooms.” There were no beds in any of these rooms. An extra fee was changed by the managers of the KTV bars for use of the rooms. In the persona of an arms-buyer, I wanted defendants to believe that I represented wealthy drug dealers and that I had ready cash to finance the arms dealing.

“As a seemingly wealthy patron of Area 51 and Air Force One, the managers of those clubs plied me with female employees who would sit with us. In fact, when you wanted to have a conversation outside the presence of any of the female employees, you had a pay a fee so that she would leave.  At the end of the evening, the manager of the club would present me with a bill that included all costs for everyone in the room. The bills were not itemized. In keeping with my persona as a businessman, I would dispute the bill loudly, but mak sure that , at the end, the defendants understood that I paid the entire bill, in cash.”

“At no time did I pay to have sex with any employee of either Area 51 or Air Force One. At no time was I alone with any female employee of Area 51 or Air Force One. At no time did I leave the club in the company of a woman, nor was alone with a woman in a private room. Nor was the CS, who was present during every meeting with the defendants that occurred at Area 51 and Air Force One, ever alone with any female employee of the clubs. I never saw any defendant engage in any sexual act.  I  was never told by any manager that the bill included prostitution, nor did I ever see prostitution, in any term, listed an any bill.”

“In none of the undercover visits I made to Area 51, did I ever meet anyone who identified herself by the name ‘Natasha.'”

“At no time did I ever force any female employee of any nightclub to drink shots of alcohol. Nor did I ever berate or belittle any female employee of the nightclub.”

“At no time did I ask any employee of any nightclub to buy guns on my behalf or to sell me guns. Such a request would be counter to my persona of a well-connected arms buyer. The last undercover meeting at Area 51 took place on the night of September 24, 2011. At no time did I observe any women dancing or working as hostesses who appeared to be underage.”

Read Agent’s Full Declaration



Would-be Bomber Pleads Guilty to 2010 Attempt to Target Chicago Hot Spots

Shoshanna Utchenik

A 2010 sting nailed a  would-be bomber for attempting to plant an explosive device in the bustling Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago. Now, he’s likely to be out of commission for a long time.

The FBI announced Monday that Sami Samir Hassoun, a 24-year-old green card holder from Lebanon, pleaded guilty to one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device.

The plea  capped the  FBI probe that began in July 2010, when a cooperating source introduced undercover agents to Hassoun.

Believing the agent and the FBI source were collaborators, Hassoun led the planning of a “series of escalating violent attacks” intended to “damage Chicago’s sense of security, its economy, and trust in leadership.”

According to the plea agreement, Hassoun’s targets included Chicago entertainment hot spots, civic buildings, commercial high-rises and transportation infrastructure. He was finally busted for planting a backpack with what turned out to be a FBI-provided inert bomb, in the heart of one of Chicago’s busiest neighborhoods in September 2010.

According to the plea agreement, the court must impose a minimum 20 year, max 30 year sentence or reject the plea agreement. Hassoun will also be obligated to cooperate with authorities at their request.

To read more click here.

Va. Man Who Plotted to Blow Up D.C. Area Subways Gets 23 Years; Was Caught in FBI Sting

Farooque Ahmed

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — It’s serious prison time for Farooque Ahmed, 35, of Ashburn, Va., who pleaded guilty to plotting to bomb the Washington area subway system.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce in  Alexandria, Va. sentenced Ahmed, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan, to 23 years in prison. Ahmed thought he was plotting with al Qaeda members to blow up the Metro system, when in fact he was dealing with undercover FBI operatives and agents in a sting.

“Mr. Ahmed today admitted he was determined to kill as many people as possible through multiple bombings at the heart of our nation’s capital,” said U.S. Attorney Neil H. MacBride. “It’s chilling that a man from Ashburn could admit to planning these acts of terrorism, and a 23-year sentence is a just punishment. We are grateful for the outstanding work of the FBI in detecting and disrupting this plot.”

“From his home in Ashburn, Virginia, believing that he was working for Al-Qaeda, Farooque Ahmed plotted to carry out the simultaneous bombing of multiple Metro trains in the D.C. area,” said Todd Hinnen, Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

Ahmed was arrested by the FBI on Oct. 27, 2010.

According to court records, Ahmed met with people he thought were with al Qaeda and conducted surveillance and recorded video of Metrorail stations in Arlington, Va., on four occasions.

Mi. Undercover FBI Agent Used Bogus Name on Militia Leader’s Marriage Certificate

Christian Militia Hutaree patch/from website

By Allan Lengel

An interesting thing happened on the way to the alter: An undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the Hutaree militia in Michigan ended up signing the marriage certificate for the group’s leader using a bogus name, the website reported.

The site reported, citing an FBI 302 report, that the undercover agent was the best man at the small wedding of group leader David Brian Stone and his wife Tina Stone in 2009.

The FBI report said the agent signed the certificate so “not to cause a questionable scene” at the wedding at the bride’s home in Jefferson Township, Mi., reported.

Stone and eight other members of the militia face federal charges in Detroit of conspiring to kill cops and trigger a revolt against the government.

Attorney Jackie Garris of Ann Arbor, who specializes in family law, told that the marriage would still be valid despite the bogus signature.

Wayne State University Law School professor and former federal prosecutor Peter Henning told the website that the agent’s signature shouldn’t cause problems for the government.

“Normally, undercovers are not instructed to commit any illegal acts,” Henning said. “I would certainly believe this would fall into the area of permissible conduct an undercover could engage in.”

Feds Secretly Recorded Illinois Governor

Let’s see. One governor is in prison. Another is under investigation and is being secretly recorded by the feds. Mmm. Sounds a lot like Louisiana.

By Jeff Coen, John Chase and David Kidwell
Chicago Tribune

Gov. Blagojevich/official photo

Gov. Blagojevich/official photo

CHICAGO — Federal investigators recently made covert tape recordings of Gov. Rod Blagojevich in the most dramatic step yet in their corruption investigation of him and his administration, the Tribune has learned.
As part of this undercover effort, one of the governor’s closest confidants and former aides cooperated with investigators, and that assistance helped lead to recordings of the governor and others, sources said.
The cooperation of John Wyma, 42, one of the state’s most influential lobbyists, is the most stunning evidence yet that Blagojevich’s once-tight inner circle appears to be collapsing under the pressure of myriad pay-to-play inquiries.
Wyma, Blagojevich’s chief of staff when he was in Congress, has long been one of the few advisers trusted by Blagojevich and kept in the loop on matters of policy and politics. As the federal probe intensified, Wyma met privately with the governor and his former chief of staff at the governor’s campaign headquarters on the North Side for 90 minutes on Oct. 22.
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