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November 2020


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Tag: Thomas Mayne

Maine Atty. Gen. Rules ATF Agents Justified in Killing Biker

By Allan Lengel

Four ATF agents who shot and killed a member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang last summer during a gun fight in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, won’t be charged criminally, the the Maine Attorney General has ruled.

In a report issued Tuesday, the Attorney General’s Office concluded  the killing of gang member Thomas Mayne, 38, was justified and in self defense. Agents had gone to his home on June 15 to arrest him.

Agents fired 20 rounds, and hit Mayne at least seven times. Mayne fired six rounds.

“The Attorney General has concluded that at the time that shots were fired at Mr. Mayne, it was reasonable for the four ATF agents who returned fire to believe that deadly force was being used against them,” the report concluded.

“In addition, the agents reasonably believed it was necessary to use deadly force to protect themselves from the use of deadly force against them. Because the agents used deadly force in self defense, no criminal action will ensue against the officers involved in this incident.

“This conclusion is based on an extensive scene investigation that was consistent in all significant respects with the interviews of over 40 individuals, the review of medical records, and other evidence.”

Mayne was one of 27 gang members indicted in federal court in Virginia on a host of charges including attempted murder.

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ATF Says Fatal Shooting of Biker By Agents Under Review

portland maine mapBy Allan Lengel and Glynnesha Taylor

The ATF office in Boston said Tuesday’s incident in Maine in which ATF agents shot and killed a biker who was named in a 27-person federal indictment is under review.

“The shooting’s under review,” James McNally, a spokesman for the ATF office in Boston told the Boston Globe, adding that it was the only fatal shooting by New England-based agents of the bureau in his memory. “There will be a thorough review.”

ATF agents rounding up more than two dozen members of the American Outlaw Association motorcycle gang in a seven-state sweep, killed Thomas “Tomcat” Mayne, 59, the regional treasurer of the group, in a shoot out just south of Portland, Me., authorities said.

Michael Campbell, a spokesman for ATF in Washington, told on Tuesday that agents went to the home in the beachside community of Sandy Circle around 6 a.m. to arrest gang members Mayne and Kenneth Chretian, when they were met by gunfire.

Agents returned fire and shot and killed Mayne, who was wanted on a federal warrant, Campbell said. Chretian, who was wanted on a state warrant, was taken into custody, Campbell said.

The gang is a rival of the Hells Angels, authorities said.

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