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September 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: Texas

Sheriff Charged with Civil Rights Violations and Lying to FBI

By Danny Fenster

A County Sheriff in Kentucky and his four deputies found themselves on the wrong end of a 10-count indictment, the Justice Department announced on Thursday.

The indictment charges that the defendants–Barren County Sheriff Christopher Easton and deputies Danny McGown, Aaron Bennett, Adam Minor, and Eric Guffey–violated a victim’s civil rights by using unreasonable force on an injured man, reports Surfky News Group. The victim was captured following a vehicle pursuit on Feb. 24, 2011.

Each of the defendants were also charged with making false statements to the FBI over the assault. Sheriff Eaton was also charged with falsifying police reports and tampering with a witness, directing the witness to write false reports, in an effort to cover up the incident.

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Congressman Michael Grimm — an Ex-FBI Agent — Keeps Suspicious Business Ties

By Danny Fenster

After leaving the FBI, Congressman Michael G. Grimm invested about a million bucks of borrowed money in a Texas real estate investment. Looking for a builder for the project, Grimm found a former FBI agent he had served with in New York–an agent who was at the time under indictment on state racketeering charges, according to the New York Times.

The builder, Carlos Luquis, was later convicted for his role in stealing $2 million from Texas taxpayers, and eventually served 18 months in prison.

Even so, Congressman Grimm continued to do business with Luquis through two other companies. “Mr. Grimm’s ties to Mr. Luquis reflect a checkered business background that seems to clash in some ways with his image as a straight-arrow veteran of the Marine Corps and the F.B.I.,” writes the Times. “That image has been crucial to his ascent in the Republican Party.”

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Ex-IRS Employee Sentenced for Trying to Bilk IRS Out of Millions of Dollars

By Allan Lengel

Note to Thomas W. Richardson: Get your cash elsewhere.

Richardson, a former IRS employee form Mansfield, Tex., was sentenced in Dallas last week to 8 years and 9 months for scheme in which he tried bilking the IRS out of millions of dollars to start a real estate business, the Justice Department said.

He was also ordered to pay $30,649 in restitution, the amount that was not recovered by the government.

U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle said at sentencing that Richardson used his knowledge as a former IRS employee to commit his crimes.

Authorities said that Richardson admitted that within a two-day period, April 15, 2006 to April 17, 2006, he filed 29 fraudulent 2005 individual income tax returns. Each federal income tax return claimed a refund of between $215,801 and $473,832. Richardson admitted that the refunds claimed by all 29 tax returns totaled $7,922,657.

Authorities alleged in each instance the Social Security number reported on the tax returns was assigned to individuals who had not given him authorization to file anything.

In the end the IRS paid out seven refunds totaling $1,865,401 between May 12, 2006 and May 19, 2006 before Richardson was caught.

All but $30,649 was recouped by the IRS.


31 Charged in Texas DEA Bust

By Danny Fenster

A three-month-long DEA operation ended with federal drug and firearm charges filed against 31 people, CBS reports. The charges were made in the Texas towns of Midland and Odessa by the DEA’s Mobile Enforcement Team.

Most defendants were arrested Thursday morning or were already in custody, according to CBS. The charges include conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance and possession of firearms by prohibited persons. The controlled substances involved in the charges include crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, BZP and hydrocodone.

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Secret Service Pick Up Armed Man Outside of Bush Home

By Danny Fenster

Federal agents detained an armed man outside of the Dallas home of  President George W. Bush,  reports Reuters. The man had a weapon in his car but was released after being questioned on Tuesday, a spokesman for the US Secret Service told Reuters.

The unidentified man told agents and local police that he was “spiritually told to pick up a package at the Bush home,” according to Reuters. He had a permit to carry the gun agents found in his car.

The former president and his wife were both away from home at the time of the incident, Reuters reported.

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Military Man with Carry-On Explosives Proclaims Ignorance

By Danny Fenster

Sgt. 1st Class Trey Scott Atwater, the military man who shut down a Texas airport over the weekend when he tried to carry on explosives to a flight, said he didn’t know the prohibited materials were in his bag, FayObserver reports.

Atwater had not used his carry-on bag since bringing it back from Afghanistan in April, a federal affidavit released on Tuesday say. Atwater took the bag from his garage to carry children’s items for a family trip to Texas, he said, according to the website.

Atwater waived a hearing scheduled for Tuesday and will remain in custody in Midland, Tex. , the US Attorney in Midland said. If convicted he faces up to ten years in federal prison, in addition to fines.

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US Military Man Charged With Trying to Bring Explosives on Plane

By Danny Fenster

A member of the US military has been charged after being detained at a Texas airport over the weekend for attempting to board a plane with explosives wrapped in military-grade wrapping, the Associated Press reports.

Trey Scott Atwater was stopped by security at the Midland International Airport around 9 a.m. on Saturday. He has been charged with trying to bring explosives onto an airplane, according to FBI spokesman Mike Martinez.

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17 Arrested in Texas Syndicate Sting

By Danny Fenster

It was a busy day for authorities with the DEA and local law enforcement in San Antonio Thursday, where agents rounded up and brought to federal court 6 of 17 suspects facing murder, racketeering and drug charges, reports

The suspects were members of the Texas Syndicate. The indictment claims the suspects were involved in four murders, two attempted murders, conspiracy to commit murder, drug trafficking and other crimes as part of the Texas Syndicate gang since January of 2008, according to

The defendants face life sentences for each racketeering charge and up to 10 years for conspiracy to commit murder. The arrests came at the end of an 18 month investigation between a DEA Task Force, US Marshals Service, the ATF, IRS and local law enforcement agencies.

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