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December 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: Texas State University

FBI to Media: Please Stop Identifying Mass Shooters

Media coverage of Newton, Connecticut shooting

Steve Neavling

The FBI has taken the unusual step of urging the media to stop identifying mass shooters, reports.

The campaign, called “Don’t Name Them,” comes after researchers at Texas State University found that fame and past mass casualties often motivated shooters.

“When the media covers it, it unfortunately puts ideas in people’s heads,” said Chris Combs, special agent in charge of the San Antonio FBI field office.

Dr. Pete Blair, a researcher with TSU, said reporters are often focused on identifying the shooters and sharing their personal information.

“We understand that the events have to be covered, but it shouldn’t be a glamor piece making this person the center point of the story,” Blair said. “We’d much rather see stories about the heroes and the victims and those sorts of things.”

Blair said people should call out news organizations on social media for naming shooters.

Study: Active Shooting Incidents Triple in 3 Years, But Go Largely Unnoticed Nationally

Steve Neavling

More people are opening fire on crowds with the intent of mass murder, Scripps News reports.

The disturbing trend was revealed, in part, by a Texas State University researcher exclusively retained by Scripps News.

Click here to see the interactive map of active shooters.

According to the data, active shooter incidents have tripled in the past recent years.

“There is a higher number of people being shot and a higher number of people being killed,” said special agent Katherine Schweit, head of the FBI’s active shooter team which formed after last year’s rampage in Newtown.

What’s more, these incidents often go unnoticed outside of the communities where they occur, leaving the impression that they aren’t as common as they are, Scripps reported.