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December 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: taxpayer money

FBI Investigates Small New York Town After It Bungled Big Baseball Stadium Deal

Steve Neavling

Let’s just say taxpayers are fed up.

A top elected official in Ramapo, NJ, pledged to bring a minor-league baseball team to the small town about 40 miles northwest of New York City if a new stadium was built at no cost to taxpayers, Bloomberg News reports.

Now,  taxpayers are on the hook for as much as $60 million in stadium costs – enough to draw the attention of the FBI.

Agents recently descended on the town and are now examining one of the state’s most fiscally stressed municipalities.

“This is the most dramatic scenario with a stadium I’ve heard of,” said John Dittrich, who has more than 40 years of experience as an executive in professional baseball. “If taxpayers are mad about the way it went down, they’re not going to be customers, and it hurts.”


Obama Administration Accused of Reuniting Children with Illegal Immigrants in U.S.

Steve Neavling

U.S. Customers and Border Protection has been helping illegal immigrants find their missing children across the country at taxpayers’ expense, the Washington Times reports.

A federal judge in Texas said the agency has sent agents on numerous flights to find the children, which enables the illegal activity.

In the latest case, the judge said agents delivered a young girl to her mother after the mother paid a smuggler to bring her daughter to the U.S. illegally.

“The DHS is rewarding criminal conduct instead of enforcing the current laws. More troubling, the DHS is encouraging parents to seriously jeopardize the safety of their children,” Judge Andrew S. Hanen said in a 10-page report. “It completed the mission of the conspiracy initiated by Salmeron Santos. In summary, instead of enforcing the laws of the United States, the government took direct steps to help the individuals who violated it. A private citizen would, and should, be prosecuted for this conduct.”

The judge said the department appears to have a policy of not prosecuting parents for helping smuggle their children into the U.S.

Vice President Joe Biden Charges Tax-Funded Secret Service Agents to Live in His Cottage

Steve Neavling 

Vice President Joe Biden is charging rent to his taxpayer-funded Secret Service protection so the agents can live in a cottage next to his house in Delaware, The Inquisitr reports.

Under the rental agreement, which was discovered when the vice president filed his tax return, Biden receives $2,200 a month, the same rate he apparently charged other tenants, according to The Inquisitr.

This arrangement seems bizarre to me,” Citizens Against Government Waste spokeswoman Lesile Paige said. “You’d think the vice president, who shepherded the deficit committee, would think twice about charging the Secret Service rent. Why would he need the money? I don’t get it.”

FBI Agent Denies Using Tax Dollars to Pay for Prostitutes in Weapon Smuggling Case in Philippines

Steve Neavling

An FBI agent accused of using public funds to pay for prostitutes for himself and the people he was investigating in the Philippines denied wrongdoing Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

Agent Charles Ro was working undercover investigating weapons smuggling when he befriended three Filipino nationals by taking them to karaoke bars where women were topless, the LA Times reported.

Three suspects later arrested in the investigation claim Ro induced them to cooperate in smuggling weapons.

Defense attorneys, who were hoping to get the case thrown out, said Ro committed “outrageous government conduct.”

Ro said he was unaware of the Filipinos using money for prostitutes and said he doubts it happened, the LA Times reported.