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Spam King Busted for Sending 27 Million Spam Email to Facebook

By Allan Lengel

America knows one thing: Don’t mess with the sacred Facebook.

Sanford Wallace, the self-described spam king, surrendered Friday to the FBI after being indicted in San Jose on allegations that he broke into Facebook and sent 27 million spam emails, CBS reported.

Authorities allege that Wallace compromised approximately 500,000 Facebook accounts during three separate attacks on the social-networking giant between November 2008 and March 2009, CBS reported.

For Wallace, it was not his first problem with Facebook. He also was involved in other questionable mass marketing methods over the years.

In the late 1990s, his company, Cyber Promotions, was widely blacklisted as a source of unsolicited email. Prior to that, he gained a reputation for junk fax marketing.

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Internet Spam King Pleads Guilty in Detroit

As punishment, the man should have to read spam all day — and while he’s at it — eat spam.spam-can

Detroit Free Press
DETROIT — The feds once called him the spam king.

On Monday, Alan Ralsky took on the new title of convicted felon after pleading guilty in U.S. District Court in Detroit to sending millions of unsolicited e-mail in a stock-fraud scheme that netted him $2.7 million in the summer of 2005.

An indictment charged that Ralsky, 63, of West Bloomfield; his son-in-law, Scott Bradley, and others used unsolicited e-mail to pump up the price of penny stock in Chinese companies to artificially high prices and then sold it.

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FTC Closes Down Crooked Calif. Web Hosting Firm That Helped Distribute Child Porn and Other Harmful Content

internet-photoAlthough it’s a shame that 3FN will likely set up shop again outside of the country, it’s good to know that these purveyors of illegal goods and child porn will no longer have a home in the U.S.

By Brian Krebs

In an unprecedented move, the Federal Trade Commission has taken legal steps to shut down a Web hosting provider in Northern California that the agency says was directly involved in managing massive global spam operations.

Sometime on Tuesday, more than 15,000 Web sites connected to San Jose, Calif., based Triple Fiber Network ( went dark. 3FN’s sites were disconnected after a Northern California district court judge approved an FTC request to have the company’s upstream Internet providers stop routing traffic for the provider.

In its civil complaint, the FTC names 3FN and its various monikers, including Pricewert LLC — the business entity named on the Web site registration records. The FTC alleges that Pricewert/3FN operates as a “‘rogue’ or ‘black hat’ Internet service provider that recruits, knowingly hosts, and actively participates in the distribution of illegal, malicious, and harmful content,” including botnet control servers, child pornography and rogue antivirus products. 3FN also operates by the names APS Telecom and APX Telecom.

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