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April 2021


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Tag: sony pictures

Report: FBI Mishandled Communication During Sony Pictures Hack

By Steve Neavling

The major hacking of Sony Pictures drew remarkably little consultation or collaboration between Sony and the FBI despite the high-profile attack, Fortune reports.

As agents and company executives scurried to respond to the attack, they did so internally.

The FBI, for example, withheld information and didn’t advise Sony on how to handle the hack.

According to Fortune, the “disarray around the hack led to each stakeholder making high-profile decisions without fully consulting the others: theaters refused to show The Interview, the film fingered by the hackers as offensive; that decision led Sony to delay the film’s release; the White House felt forced to make a statement supporting free speech in response to the delay. All the while, federal officials told theater owners that there was no threat to them even as it admitted that it didn’t know.”

FBI Director Comey: No doubt that North Korea Behind Cyber-Attack on Sony

By Steve Neavling 

FBI Director James B. Comey said on Wednesday that he has no doubt that North Korea was behind the devastating cyber-attacks on Sony Pictures, the New York Times reports

Comey said the hackers were easily trackable because they made a critical error by failing to conceal their location, sending messages and attacks from North Korean Internet addresses. More sophisticated hackers would have routed their attacks and messages through decoy servers – something the hackers tried to do after realizing they were using their country’s Internet addressees, Comey said.

That was all Comey said about the evidence against North Korea, which has denied playing a role in the attack. Private cyber-security firms have expressed doubt that North Korea was the attacker, saying disgruntled Sony employees could have been to blame.

But Comey said the evidence is very clear.