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Tag: smartphones

Top Secret Documents: NSA Targets Data from Smartphone Apps Like Angry Birds

Steve Neavling

Just in case a terrorist is passing time playing Angry Birds, the NSA is trying to establish the technology to siphon information from the communication networks on smartphone apps, the Guardian reports, citing top secret documents.

The information is useful because it allows the agency to mine large quantities of cell phone data.

But the surveillance is catching strong criticism from civil liberty groups that say the federal government is using the threat of terrorism as a pretext for collecting troves of personal data.

The documents do not indicate the extent of the collection efforts.

New High Tech Devices Like Smartphones Pose Challenges to FBI and Other Agencies

Smart Phone 2By Allan Lengel

Traditionally computers and emails have provided an endless treasure of info for agencies like the FBI, but new devices like smartphones and game consoles are posing challenges for the agencies.

That’s what people attending the 2010 Computer Forensics Show last week in New York were told, according to the website Network World.

“Forensic tools for cell phones are in their infancy,” Stephen Riley, a forensic examiner with the FBI’s Computer Analysis and Response Team said, according to Network World. “There’s lots of different carriers, different phones, different cables – just try to keep up.”

The website reported that “Smartphones can communicate via SMS, MMS, mobile e-mail, mobile internet access, VoIP and traditional cellular voice networks, Riley says, making each machine a potential treasure trove of information but also a nightmare maze of possible proprietary technologies to unlock it.”

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