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May 2022


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FBI Pledges More Aggressive Response to Sexual Misconduct in Its Ranks

By Steve Neavling

The FBI said it’s taking serious steps to address sexual harassment in its ranks after a media report revealed the bureau mishandled misconduct allegations against high-ranking officials. 

An Associated Press investigation in 2020 found that at least six senior FBI officials have been accused of sexual misconduct in the past five years and that none was disciplined. 

FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate told the AP that the bureau is establishing a 24/7 tip line and more aggressively following up on misconduct allegations.

Abbate said he has a stern message for employees who engage in sexual misconduct: “we’re coming for them.”

“That’s a strong approach, a forceful shift and we mean it. And it’s coming from the top,” Abbate said. “Individuals who engage in this type of misconduct don’t belong in the FBI and they certainly should not have supervisory oversight of others. Period.”

The AP reports:

Among the changes FBI officials detailed to AP in a series of recent interviews was a round-the-clock tip line that provides a centralized mechanism to report abuse, though they would not say how many calls it has received. They also cited a working group of senior executives to review policies and procedures on harassment and victim support, and faster action to investigate allegations and fire or at least demote employees found to have engaged in misconduct to ensure they have no path to management.

To address chronic concerns that the FBI makes it difficult and intimidating for victims to come forward, the bureau is more broadly spreading the word in online and internal communications about where victimized employees can report allegations. And the FBI’s Victim Services Division, which until recently had focused on aiding victims of federal crimes outside the bureau, has been extending the same level of support to employees who are victims of internal misconduct.

Internal Report: Secret Service Does Not Have Problem with Widespread Sexual Misconduct


secret service photo

Steve Neavling  

After more than a dozen Secret Service agents and officers were implicated in a prostitution scandal, the agency’s inspector general sought to determine whether the male-dominated agency had widespread problems with sexual misconduct.

The conclusion from the long-awaited report: The Secret Service does not have a widespread problem with sexual misconduct, the Washington Post reports.

The report only found isolated cases of misconduct.

To address the problems, the inspector general offered new guidelines.

“Although individual employees have engaged in misconduct or inappropriate behavior, we did not find evidence that misconduct is widespread in USSS,” the Office of the Inspector General’s report concluded, according to a copy obtained late Thursday by The Washington Post. “Furthermore, we did not find any evidence that USSS leadership has fostered an environment that tolerates inappropriate behavior.”


Secret Service Accused of Engaging in Sexual Misconduct in 17 Countries

Steve Neavling

Secret Service employees have engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in at least 17 countries in recent years, according to the Washington Post.

The Post got that estimate from whistleblowers who reported to the Senate’s subcommittee on Homeland Security.

Sen. Ronald H. Johnson, R-Wis., said the whistleblower accounts contradict statements from Secrete Service leaders who say the agency has not tolerated sexual misconduct.

This follows recent allegations that two supervisors were accused of sending sexually explicit emails to a female agent.