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Homeland Security Agents Reportedly Paid for Sex Acts by Trafficking Victims

By Steve Neavling

Two Homeland Security agents investigating a transnational network of illegal massage parlors engaged in sex acts with the alleged victims in two Arizona cities, according to reports uncovered by Today’s News-Herald.

The reports indicate two agents participated in sex acts at massage parlors at least 10 times with Asian immigrants who were forced into sex slavery.

The two-year trafficking investigation began in 2016, when police were tipped off about several massage parlors in Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City in Arizona. When local police departments found evidence that some of the employees may have been victims of human trafficking, they called in the Department of Homeland Security.

According to investigative reports, the agents negotiated prices for hand jobs and other sex acts.

In September 2018, police arrested eight people on charges of sex trafficking, money laundering, and operating a house of prostitution.

But charges against two of the suspects were dismissed last week because the two federal agents refused to testify.

Homeland Security officials did not respond to questions about why the agents didn’t show up.

One of the women arrested in the case filed a lawsuit 0n Sept. 30 in an attempt to get more information from Homeland Security, including the disclosure of the agents’ identifies and all reports generated during the probe.

4-Day FBI Sweep Rescues 84 Minors, 120 Adults in Sex Trafficking Ring

cyberattack-hackers-fbiBy Steve Neavling

A four-day nationwide sweep aimed combating sex trafficking to the rescue of 84 minors and the arrest of 120 people, according to the FBI.

The 11th annual Operation Cross Country involved 55 FBI field offices, 78 state and local task forces and several international partners.

“The youngest victim recovered during this year’s operation was 3 months old, and the average age of victims recovered during the operation was 15 years old,” the bureau said of the operation, which ran from Oct. 12-15.

The operation is part of the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative, which began in 2003 and has led to identifying more than 6,500 child identifications and locations, the FBI said in a press release.

Law Enforcement Busts Sex Traffickers During World Cannabis Week in Colorado

marijuana-istockBy Steve Neavling

Law enforcement noticed last year that sex trafficking operations sprang up around World Cannabis Week in Colorado, where marijuana is now legal.

To curb the trafficking, local, state and federal law enforcement teamed up and arrested nine adults for trafficking and 26 adults for prostitution. The team also recovered five children, the FBI announced Tuesday.

The week began April 18 with large-scale events for tourists.

Of those arrested, 40% said they traveled from out of the state.

“Whenever an event draws people from around the world, you will see an increase in sex trafficking,” said FBI Denver Special Agent in Charge Thomas Ravenelle. “The reality is major events will always have some organized criminal activity, including people who facilitate and profit from prostituting adults and children.”

FBI Plans Soften, Victim-Centric Approach to Cracking Down on Prostitution During Super Bowl

super bowl 50By Steve Neavling

The FBI is taking a softer approach to cracking down on sex trafficking during the Super Bowl.

The Associated Press reports that agents will offer to provide women an opportunity to get out of prostitution and turn in their traffickers.

The softer approach, which focuses on the victim, will take place during the lead-up to the Super Bowl in San Francisco.

“The goal is to reach anyone who is being trafficked,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent Doug Hunt, who manages the San Francisco office’s anti-trafficking efforts, which will also include sting operations the agency has used before at previous Super Bowls.

Super Bowls have traditionally attracted sex traffickers.

Sex Trafficker Known As ‘King Kobra’ Sentenced to 262 Months in Prison

Steve Neavling

A Philadelphia man who ran a prostitution business with unsuspecting girls ages 18 and younger was sentenced Monday to 262 months in prison, the FBI announced.

Rahim McIntyre, 35, was convicted on three counts of sex trafficking.

McIntyre, who also is known as King Kobra, was accused of psychologically manipulating girls to get them to do what he wanted.

McIntyre used photographs of the girls in lingerie to advertise them on the Internet.

A jury found McIntyre guilty on April 21.

Some Children Rescued in Sex Trafficking Ring Were Never Reported Missing

Steve Neavling

Some of the 168 children who were rescued from a sex trafficking ring last month were never reported missing, the New York Post reports.

The children, as young as 11, were found in hotel rooms, truck stops and homes.

But some were never reported missing, a big concern for child welfare advocates.

Part of the problem, the advocates say, is that the U.S. needs a standardized approach to report missing children. Some states, for example, also don’t require agencies to alert the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.

Some states also lack laws requiring the reporting of missing children.

Legislation pending in Congress would require both.

FBI Shuts Down Website That Advertised Children for Prostitution in San Francisco

Steve Neavling

The FBI arrested two people accused of operating a website advertising children for prostitution, CNN reports.

Agents shut down the website – – in a raid in San Francisco.

The raid was part of a larger crackdown on sex trafficking of minors that led to the rescue of 168 children and the arrest of 281 accused pimps this month.

Some of those children were found through, CNN reports.

The FBI continues to investigate.

New York Man Sentenced for Elaborate Lie Told to FBI About Sex Trafficking

Steve Neavling

Calling it one of the most bizarre cases he’s ever handled, U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. sentenced the New York man to a year in jail for lying to the FBI.

The Elmira Star-Gazette reports that Brandon Todd lied and claimed he was a trafficker who had compelled women to join the sex trade.

Since the 20-year-old served most of his year awaiting sentencing, he soon will return to his home in Prattsburgh, which he shares with his grandparents.

The case started when a woman falsely accused Todd of forcing her into the sex slave, a lie that Todd decided to perpetuated.

“This is one of the more bizarre cases that I’ve ever really presided over, and I’ve presided over a lot of cases,” Geraci told Todd.

“You created a lot of havoc, not only for law enforcement but also for the victim in this case,” Geraci said. “… This did unleash a widespread investigation.”