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January 2022


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Tag: Secret Service agent

Retired Secret Service Agent Writes Thriller, Donates All Profits

bratva's rose tattooBy Steve Neavling

A retired Secret Service agent turned to his 25 years of experience and his imagination to write a thriller novel entitled, “Bratva’s Rose Tattoo,” reports the Washington Times. 

The book, written by Thomas D. Sloan, is now available and selling on Amazon. 

All profits will be donated to the Navy SEAL Foundation and Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey.

Sloand describes the plot: “An Air Force transport plane ferrying the president’s limousine and scores of Secret Service, Marine, and Air Force personnel has been hijacked by Bratva —  the Russian mob — which seeks the release of a brilliant and dangerous cyber hacker named Max.”

Other Stories of Interest

New Documentary on JFK Assassination Suggests Secret Service Accidentally Shot JFK

Steve Neavling 

The endless search for answers in the JFK assassination was the impetus for yet another film.

“JFK: The Smoking Gun” pursues this question: Did a Secret Service Agent accidentally shoot President Kennedy in Dallas in November of 1963?

The docudrama that will air on ReelzChannel is based on the book, “Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK,” reports the Associated Press.

The film suggests that agent George Hickey was driving behind the president when he accidentally shot the president after Lee Harvey Oswald fire his first shot.

“What we’re saying is that we believe it was a tragic accident in the heat of that moment,” McLaren told the Television Critics Association on Sunday.


Secret Service Agent on President’s Detail Apparently Committed Suicide

By Jonathan Allen

WASHINGTON –– A member of the president’s Secret Service protective detail, who was being investigated for having an unreported romantic relationship with a foreign national, was found dead Saturday in an apparent suicide, according to law enforcement sources.

The official cause of Rafael Prieto’s death is still pending.

The investigation had led to the suspension of his access to Secret Service facilities, according to sources familiar with the case.

The Secret Service does not believe that Prieto passed any sensitive or classified information to the Mexican woman, according to a senior law enforcement official. Instead, Prieto was in the midst of an “administrative process” related to his ongoing relationship, the source said.

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Secret Service Agent Suspended for Reckless Driving in North Carolina, after Citizen Posts Tape to YouTube

Photo from video

Shoshanna Utchenik

A U.S. Secret Service agent is in trouble, but this time there are no fast women… only fast cars.

An agent was put on administrative leave after a private citizen posted video on YouTube showing him driving recklessly on the North Carolina interstate.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the agent was on duty when his Dodge Charger was caught on tape, weaving across lanes on I-77 and seeming to play a dangerous game of “tag” with a van, even flashing a blue light to pretend to pull over the van before speeding away.

The videographer can be heard on the tape saying “He’s going 80 mph in a 55 zone — with no lights on,” before the Dodge Charger sped from I-77 to I-485, and later on a two-lane road going even faster.

Russ Nelson, special agent in charge of the Secret Service in Charlotte, said the agency is investigating the incident.

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Secret Service Agent Accused of Raping S.C. Woman After Arrest

By Danny Fenster

A South Carolina woman who’s headed off to prison claims a Secret Service agent raped her after her arrest, according to the Associated Press.

The woman alleged in court documents that the agent took advantage of her on a couch in his office after arresting her on embezzlement charges, AP reported. The woman alleged that the agent warned her not to tell anyone or she’d be in bigger trouble.

She is asking that the judge toss out her sentence, and said the judge was never apprised of the allegations.

Ed Donovan, a Secret Service spokesman in Washington, told on Monday that the  matter has been referred to the Office of Professional Responsibility for investigation.

The woman ended up pleading guilty and getting sentenced to 15 months in prison, AP reported. She is scheduled to report to prison on Tuesday.

AP did not identify the woman, saying it generally does not identify alleged sexual assault victims.

New Jersey Man Sentenced to 3-Years Probation For Impersonating Secret Service Agent

Secret-Service-BadgeBy Matt Castello

WASHINGTON — Even on Halloween, it’s probably not a good idea to impersonate a Secret Service agent.

Frederick James Nickerson, of Hopatcong, N.J. was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Washington to three years of probation for posing as a Secret Service agent.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Nickerson entered the Health and Human Services building after hours on Jan. 2, flashed a badge and claimed to be a Secret Service agent. He gained entrance into the building, but was soon stopped and asked to leave, which he did, authorities said.

This is not the first time Nickerson, 47, has impersonated a law enforcement. He tried on a cop uniform just two days prior, on Dec. 31, 2009, in the hopes of gaining access into the headquarters of the D.C. Police Department.