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September 2022


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Column: Texas Fed Judge Kent Continues to Disgrace Bench by Trying to Collect $174,000 Salary

Allan Lengel

Allan Lengel

By Allan Lengel

U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent of Texas disgraced the bench. For those who haven’t followed this, he pleaded guilty in February to lying about sexually abusing some female employees. He got 33 months in prison.

But what is also so  disgraceful and appalling is that Kent is trying to get his $174,000 a year salary for a year while in prison by officially resigning in June 2010.

His crafty move has  forced the House to move forward with impeachment proceedings to end this madness. The House on Friday approved four articles of impeachment, and he now faces trial before the U.S. Senate.

First off, there should be some law or mechanism that allows the judiciary to boot the guy from the bench after he gets convicted of felony, if not at least, once he goes off to prison. End of story. No salary.

Why should our lawmakers, who have a full plate of other issues to deal with, have to deal with this silliness?

The  Texas Lawyer wrote that  Kent’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, said there was a reason Kent post-dated his resignation for 2010.

“I figure that it will take at least that long for Congress and the Senate to go through all of the motions for impeachment,” DeGuerin told Texas Lawyer. “And he would be entitled to continue the health benefits that he has during that time. They can either have their spectacle or accept his resignation as tendered and go on to more important business that Congress has.”

But the House isn’t biting on that logic — as pathetic and defiant as it is. Thus,the impeachment proceedings.

The Washington Post quoted Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Texas) as saying:”He has already pleaded guilty and  the testimony we’ve heard about his disgusting abuse of power against his female staffers confirms that he should no longer receive the privileges of serving on the bench.”

Sadly, Judge Kent is showing little shame. If he had any, he’d resign now and give up his salary and end this silliness.