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May 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: Roseville

Father Recalls Horrifying Encounter with FBI Agent: ‘I Just Want Some Justice’

By Steve Neavling

An FBI agent is accused of chasing a teenager inside his home in California and pointing a gun at him over a prank – and the agent has yet to face trial nearly two years later.

“If this had happened to me, this thing would have been over and two months later, I’d be in prison,” father Chris Perry told CBS13. “I have more flashbacks and whacked out visions of it all the time.”

The horrifying incident happened in December 2017, when the boy was celebrating his 14th birthday. He and a friend decided to knock over an inflatable snowman on the FBI’s agent yard in Roseville.

The FBI agent, Michael Corrigan, is accused of chasing the teen to his home and then pointing a gun at him.

“I fly out of bed and I turn the corner and there’s a dude in my house, two feet inside my house pointing a gun at my son and his friend, and I just flipped and tackled him out the door. It was just panic,” Perry said.

Last year, the agent was charged with a felony. But after all this time, the case has still not gone to trial.

“It’s been two years. I just want some justice with it,” Perry said.

The FBI declined to comment on the case and whether the agent has been disciplined.

Defense attorney Bill Portonova responded in a written statement: “Special agent Michael Corrigan is an honorable family man with an exemplary career in law enforcement and he has full faith that these unfortunate proceedings will achieve a just end.”

On Friday, Corrigan was in court for a status conference, but no date has been scheduled yet for a trial.

Surprise Surprise: Search Comes Up Empty, Hoffa Still Missing

Steve Neavling

 Surprise, surprise.

The latest search for Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa has turned up no evidence that he’s buried underneath a driveway in suburban Detroit, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Acting on a tip, Roseville Police tested soil samples taken from the Roseville property and found no evidence of human remains, the Free Press reported.

“Our department just received the soil sample report from Michigan State University, after a battery of tests, the samples submitted for examination showed no signs of human decomposition,” police said in a statement.

The search for Hoffa has taken investigators on wild trips nationwide, but no evidence has ever surfaced.

Tests Results to Show If Jimmy Hoffa Was Buried Underneath a Driveway in Suburban Detroit

James R. Hoffa

Steve Neavling

 Was Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa buried in a driveway of suburban Detroit? Not likely.

Tests of soil samples may answer that question this morning when results return from a Michigan State University forensic anthropologist, reports the Detroit Free Press.The analysis involves 4-inch samples of mud and clay and is designed to show whether human remains are present, the Free Press reported.

A tipster said a former suspect in Hoffa’s disappearance was up all night pouring concrete at the location on the day Hoffa disappeared in 1975. Initial conclusions are that Hoffa is not there.

The FBI was skeptical of the tip.

FBI Plans New Regional Office in Metro Sacramento

Steve Neavling

 The FBI plans to build a new FBI regional office in metropolitan Sacramento, the Sacramento Business Journal reports.

Citing officials from Roseville, where the office is to be located, the FBI settled on a 12-acre site.

The office is expected to be opened in 2015.

City officials said the FBI is beginning to solicit bids for construction.

“We’re very excited,” John Sprague, CEO of the Roseville Community Development Corp told the Business Journal. “It continues to focus on the fact that Roseville is strong economically, and helps businesses be successful.”