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June 2022


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How Sleuths Cracked the Anthrax Mystery Via Genetic Fingerprints

One of the real anthrax letters in 2001/fbi photo

By Daniel de Vise
Washington Post Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — Inside a Rockville laboratory, a team of scientists labored in round-the-clock shifts to do something many colleagues thought impossible: decode the genetic “fingerprint” of a deadly anthrax sample to help the FBI solve a case.

The researchers had been swept into Amerithrax, the massive federal investigation into the 2001 anthrax mailings, and they yearned for a breakthrough. But finding unique markers in the organism’s vast genetic code was a long shot.

The big break came in a small package: tiny test tubes, delivered by the FBI, from a military lab at Fort Detrick in Frederick, where lab workers had spotted a series of odd-looking bacteria colonies. Those oddities would help the Rockville scientists decipher the genetic signature of the anthrax used in the nation’s most serious bioterror attack.

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Fed Agents Raid Suburban D.C. Home of ex-National Archives Employee

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — U.S. Marshals assisted federal agents in a raid earlier this week at  the  suburban Washington  home of a man who had retired from the National Archives, the website TBD reported.

The raid, which resulted in the seizure of materials, came in wake of a report that cited “significant weaknesses” in the agency’s security, TBD reported.

TBD reported that the Government Accountability Office conducted “the audits at the behest of Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) after news broke last year that several important historical documents, including the original patent for the Wright Brothers’ flying machine, had gone missing.”

Tuesday’s raid , lead by special agents from the National Archives and Records Administration’s Office of Inspector General, was at the Rockville, Md., home of  Leslie Waffen, who had worked at the Archives for more than 40 years, most recently as the head of the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video unit, TBD reported.

The Washington Post, citing an unnamed law enforcement official, reported that Waffen directed agents to his basement where they removed “10 to 20 boxes.”

Authorities declined to say what they were after.

FBI Investigative Specialist Killed While Crossing Street in Suburban D.C.

rockvilleBy Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — An investigative specialist in the FBI Washington Field Office, who was the son of a retired FBI agent, was struck by a car and killed early Sunday morning in Rockville, Md., as he crossed the street with a friend, reporter Martin Weil of the Washington Post reported. The friend was also killed.

FBI special investigator Adam J. Hosinski and his friend Rory J. Weichbrod, a wine salesman, both 26, were crossing Rockville Pike in the Washington suburb after exiting a subway around 3:20 a.m., the Post reported The two had gone to high school together.

The Post reported that the driver stopped and got out of the car, then drove off and parked and walked back to the scene. Police said drinking may have been involved, the Post reported.

Hosinski had worked at the FBI’s Washington Field Office since joining the bureau in 2006 as an investigative specialist, a field office spokeswoman told the Post.

A “great young man” and the son of a retired FBI agent, Hosinski served “at all times with a tremendous amount of pride and dedication,” spokeswoman Katherine Schweit told the Post.

“It’s devastating for the family,” his grandmother, Alice Hosinski told the Post. “He was a great kid.”