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March 2023


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Secret Service Pays Trump’s Company $1.6M to Fly with the Candidate

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

By Steve Neavling

Taxpayers forked over $1.6 million to one of Donald Trump’s companies for Secret Service protection on his private plane.

The money was for reimbursing TAG Air – one of Trump’s companies – for flying Secret Service agents to protect the candidate, Politico reports, citing Federal Election Commission records.

While it’s standard practice to cover the costs of the Secret Service traveling with the candidates, it’s very unusual for the money to enrich a candidate’s companies.

“The taxpayers are actually reimbursing Trump for the travel of the Secret Service agents,” said Brett Kappel, a campaign finance lawyer. “It’s just another example of how the Trump campaign has taken an unprecedentedly large amount of its money and spent it at Trump-owned facilities.”

Trump’s campaign said the Secret Service payments were in accordance with FEC guidelines and regulations.

A Secret Service spokeswoman said the FEC “specifically requires security personnel such as the Secret Service to reimburse campaigns for seats” on charter aircraft.

Trump once said, “I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

Secret Service Agents: Pope Francis Not Safe During Upcoming Trip to U.S

secret-service-3By Steve Neavling

Secret Service agents said Pope Francis’ life is in danger because they cannot adequately protect him during his upcoming visit to the U.S., WND reports. 

The agents expressed concerns over the pope’s plans to ride in an open vehicle through crowds next week in Washington and New York.

Several agents assigned to papal security confided to WND that the pope won’t have enough protection.

“He wants to mingle with the crowd, kiss the babies and be accessible to the sick and elderly,” a Secret Service source said. “With what Vatican security is demanding we do politically, protecting the pope in the U.S. visit is going to be a nightmare.”

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, agrees.

“Because of the way Pope Francis wants his security handled, with a more discrete presence, the pope’s visit to the United States is a security disaster,” Bongino said.

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Secret Service Won’t Provide Security Along Bridge During Pope’s Visit

Benjamin Franklin Bridge/Wikipedia

By Steve Neavling

When Pope Francis visits Philadelphia next month, the Secret Service won’t be providing protection along the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. 

Local law enforcement have been frustrated with planning for the visit because the Secret Service had not made its intentions clear until recently.

Security planning will be headed by the Delaware River Port Authority, which has not disclosed its plans yet.

But officials said delays and long lines are expected.

“What visitors should expect is some type of law enforcement presence on the bridge to ensure those who wish to cross can do so in a safe and expeditious manner,” the Secret Service said in a statement Friday.

“We don’t have anything to do with security at the Ben Franklin Bridge. Why would we?” Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback said Friday. “We don’t control the bridge.”

The bridge is expected to be closed to traffic from 10 p.m. Sept. 25 to noon Sept. 28.

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Secret Service Prepares for Logistical Challenge of Protecting Pope Francis in U.S.

Pope francisBy Steve Neavling

It’s a complicated, logistical challenge for the Secret Service – protecting Pope Francis during his visit to the U.S.

What makes security more difficult is that the Pope loves to mingle with the crowds, ABC News reports. 

To prepare for Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to several major U.S. cities in late September, Secret Service officials, including Director Joseph Clancy, traveled to Italy in June to make the preparations.

“I went out to Rome to see firsthand how their detail works, protecting the pope and what he likes to do and how he travels within the crowds,” said Clancy in an interview with ABC News’ Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas at the Secret Service Rowley Training Center.

Pope Francis is visiting Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

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