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October 2020


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Tag: private prisons

More Private Prisons Likely if Jeff Sessions Becomes Attorney General

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

By Steve Neavling

The Justice Department’s decision last summer to stop contracting with for-private prisons may be changed if the Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general.

President-elect Donald Trump spoke highly of private prisons, and Sessions has close ties to the industry, Mother Jones reports. 

Studies have shown that private prisons are less humane and more violent than government-run jails.

Trump’s victory increased the value of shares of the largest private prison corporations.

“I do think we can do a lot of privatizations and private prisons,” Trump said last spring. “It seems to work a lot better.”

Over the past two decades, Sessions has spoken favorably of private prisons. When he was attorney general of Alabama, Sessions gave the green light to private prisons in his state.

Homeland Security Council Criticizes Private Detention Facilities for Immigrants

jail2photoBy Steve Neavling

An advisory council to Homeland Security criticized a report Thursday that suggested privately run detention facilities may be the only way to house the surging numbers of immigrants facing deportations.

More than three-quarters of the Homeland Security Advisory Council rejected a key section of the report that state the “reliance on private prisons should, or inevitably must, continue,” US News reports.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson formed a six-member subcommittee to write the report.

The Homeland Security Advisory Council upheld sections of the report that demanded more oversight and monitoring of immigration detention facility.

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