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June 2022


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Tag: prisons

FBI Found ‘Staggering Corruption’ at Georgia Prisons Where Bribes Were Taken for Contraband

woman-in-prisonBy Steve Neavling

A two-year undercover FBI investigation, called “Operation Ghost Guard,” led to the arrests of 46 officers at nine Georgia prisons for allegedly accepting bribes to smuggle contraband into jails, the Washington Post reports. 

The correctional officers were indicted on charges of accepting payments to smuggle tobacco, cellphones and drugs into prisons. Some also are accused of protecting drug dealers outside of prisons.

Among those arrested were five members of the elite tactical COBRA unit, whose responsibility is prevent drug deals in prison.

John Horn, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, said the inducements show “staggering corruption.”

“It is truly troubling that so many corrections officers from across the state of Georgia could be so willing to sell their oaths, to sell their badges, for personal profit — to benefit and protect purported drug transactions,” he said, adding that the alleged acts put the public in danger.

Law Firm: Alabama Prison System Rife with Abuse, Should be Investigated by DOJ

By Steve Neavling

Widespread corruption, misconduct and abusive behavior were found in Alabama’s prison system following a six-month investigation by a nonprofit law firm.

Now the firm, the Montgomery-based Equal Justice Initiative, is urging the Justice Department to conduct a formal investigation, the Montgomery Advertiser reports.

Alleging extreme violence, security problems and a culture of fear at the prisons, the firm filed a lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Corrections last month.

EJI Director Bryan Stevenson said the problems are widespread and won’t change until the Justice Department gets involved.

“It’s not adequate to say we don’t have the money to do better,” Stevenson said. “A lot of these problems reflect cultural problems, leadership problems and management problems that don’t directly relate to the budget.”

Justice Department: California Prisons’ Handling of Riots Often Violate Federal Constitution

Steve Neavling

California prisons are violating the federal constitution by isolating people based on race after a riot, the Associated Press reports.

When a riot breaks out, officers often lock up entire races of people to prevent further violence.

But the Justice Department said in a recent court filing that the practice violates the 14th amendment, which guarantees equal protection, the AP wrote.

The policy “is not based on any individual analysis of prisoner behavior, but rather on generalized fears of racial violence. Indeed, the policy affects hundreds of prisoners throughout the (prison) system who the state acknowledges have absolutely no gang ties or history of violence,” according to the filing signed by the chiefs of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.