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Ex-U.S. Atty. Russell Millin Who was Appointed by Pres. Kennedy Dies at Age 88

Russell Millin/doj photo

By Allan Lengel

Russell Millin, who served as U.S. Attorney in western Missouri under President Kennedy in the 60s, and was known as “Mr. Clean”, died Monday of natural causes at age 88, the Kansas City Star reported.

The Star reported in 1976 that Millin prosecuted more “big name criminals,” including mobsters, than any other U.S. attorney up to that time.

“He was a real presence as a U.S. attorney,” nephew Steve Millin said, according to the Kansas City Star.

Millin served as U.S. Attorney from in 1961 to 1967.

He made unsuccessful bid the Democratic nomination of Missouri attorney general in 1968 and for the Democratic nomination to the Missouri Senate in 1976.

In recent times, he was part of an ad hoc coalition of former and current Missouri law enforcement officials that opposed the death penalty.

FBI Agent James Hosty Who Investigated Oswald Dead at Age 86; He Got Letter From Oswald Weeks Before the JFK Assassination

By Allan Lengel

Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald quickly became a household name. For the most part, many to this  day, have never heard of former FBI agent James P. Hosty. But there was a well-known link between the two.

Hosty, who died of prostate cancer on June 10 at age 86 in Kansas City, Mo.,   started investigating  Oswald, a suspected communist agitator, weeks before the assassination of President Kennedy, according to the New York Times. In early November, he tried to track Oswald down, but had no luck.

The Times reported that Oswald had come to the attention of authorities after returning to the states in 1962 with his Russian wife after trying, without success, to settle in the Soviet Union.

The Times reported that Oswald had previously been interviewed by other FBI agents, who noted in reports that he was an avowed communist, a potential spy and a heavy drinker. It said nothing about him being a potential assassin.

The Times reported that Hosty finally caught up with Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963, at Dallas Police headquarters where he was being held after being accused of killing  Kennedy and a Dallas cop.

At a Congressional hearing, according to the Times, years after the assassination, Hosty  told a  Congressional committee years  why he did not alert the Secret Service about Oswald: “The only thing that we could tell the Secret Service was a direct threat to the president. He made no direct threat to the president. Therefore we could not tell them.”

In 1964, before the Warren Commission, he admitted getting a letter from Oswald weeks before the assassination, protesting Hosty interviewing his wife Marina twice at their home while Oswald wasn’t there, the Times reported.  He admitted destroying the letter on the day Oswald’s assassin Jack Ruby was killed.

The Times reported that Hosty admitted some mistakes.

But he wrote in his memoirs that the FBI erred by trying to eliminate any evidence that might suggest  the bureau might have had a hint of Oswald’s plans to kill Kennedy. The bureau also tried to portray him as a bumbler.

“I came to understand that one of our jobs was to protect the bureau’s image at all costs,” he wrote.

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Ex-Secret Service Agent Says He Almost Mistakenly Shot Pres. Johnson

President JohnsonBy Allan Lengel

This would have been what we call a career-ending move.

Former U.S. Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine says in his new book that he almost shot President Lyndon B. Johnson hours after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the Associated Press reported.

Blaine writes in his book “The Kennedy Detail” that he was on a detail at night guarding Johnson’s Washington home on Nov. 23, 1963, just after Kennedy had been shot and Johnson had been sworn in, when he heard footsteps approaching, AP reported.

Blaine wrote that he picked up his submachine gun and pointed at the chest of the man who ended up being Johnson.

AP reported that the incident left Blaine chilled, realizing the nation could have lost a second president hours after losing Kennedy.