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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: prank call

Sore Loser Wrongly Claims His Video Game Opponent Killed Sister, Mother at Long Island Home

Steve Neavling

Not everyone responds well to losing.

The FBI is searching for one sore loser who apparently was so upset when he lost in an online video game that he called authorities, pretending to be the teen who beat him in Call of Duty. The prank caller told police Tuesday that he was 18-year-old Rafael Castillo and that he had just killed his mother and brother, the New York Post reports.

The call prompted more than 70 heavily armed officers, along with ambulances and hostage negotiators, to swarm the innocent teen’s Long Island house.

When they arrived, the teen’s mother and sister were fine.

“I thought there was a fire at my house. I ran up and saw my mom running out. I didn’t know what was going on,” the brother, Jose, 21, told the Post.

Now the FBI is trying to figure out who made the call.

Prankster Teens, 14 and 15, Tracked Down for Making Threats to President Obama

Pres. Obama at state of the union/white house photo

Steve Neavling

What started as a prank call ended with two frightened teens and a visit by the Secret Service.

The teens, ages 13 and 14, acknowledged they made a threat to President Obama but had no intention of harming anyone, King 5 reports.

No federal charges are planned, the Secret Service said.

According to King 5, the teens randomly made a phone call and told the person who picked up the phone that they were going to hurt the president.

The woman who received the call had her husband call authorities, who tracked down the teens.