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September 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Ex-Flint, Mi. Police Chief Pleads Guilty in Fed Court to Fraud

David Dick/ nbc25 photo

David Dick/ nbc25 photo

By Allan Lengel

There’s little good news that comes out of the hard scrabbled town of Flint, a failing industrial city about an hour north of Detroit that General Motors once dominated.

Now comes more bad news. The ex-Flint interim Police Chief David Dicks, 42, pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Detroit to illegally receiving public money through a no-show job at a security company run by his father, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Dicks, who had once vowed to fight the charges, got his 15 minutes of fame last year “when he urged officers to file disorderly conduct or indecent exposure charges against those whose saggy pants allowed too much underwear or their bottoms to show on city streets. The policy eventually died,” the Free Press wrote.

He could go off to prison for up to a year and will pay $46,000 in restitution, the paper reported.


Serious FBI Dir. Robert Mueller Delivers a Little Humor From Time to Time

Robert Mueller III in Denver/fbi photo
Robert Mueller III in Denver/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel
DENVER — In the halls of FBI headquarters, FBI Director Robert Mueller III isn’t exactly known as a kidder.

The words “stoic” and “serious” often come to mind. Let’s face it: the guy is always under a lot of pressure, particularly when it comes to preventing a domestic terrorism attack. Guess who’s going to get blamed if something happens?

But on occasion, while delivering a speech around the country, he sprinkles in a little humor. That happened Monday when he delivered a speech here to the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference, emphasizing cooperation between the feds and locals.

He started out his speech by saying:

“Year after year, I look out at all of you, and I ask myself the same question. Could I handle the challenges you face, day after day? Could I do the jobs you do with the same success? And the answer is no, for one simple reason: I could never bring myself to wear anything but a white shirt.”

“Your former president, Ron Ruecker, is now serving as our Director of Law Enforcement, and he is doing a great job. Several weeks ago, I asked Ron if he knew any good jokes to warm up the crowd. He suggested self-deprecating humor. And I said, ‘Sounds great. What are my weak points?’ And Ron said, ‘Well, sir, you’re only speaking for 15 minutes…so let’s just hit the highlights.’ I am sure that Ron will enjoy his new post in Yemen.”

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