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Obama Grabbed by the Arm, Secret Service Swarm

Pres. Obama in Cannon Falls, Minn./white house photo

By Danny Fenster

Apparently those dismal approval ratings are not the whole story. An adoring fan grabbed the president by the arm at Scranton High School in Pennsylvania on Wednesday as he shook hands with supporters.

ABC describes the president as walking into the high school to a “rock-star welcome” when the woman grabbed first the president’s hand, then his bicep, yanking him towards the crowd. Secret Service swarmed in but Obama was able to loosen the woman’s grip on her own and continued onto the stage, “never losing his smile.”

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Suspected White House Shooter Thought Obama Was the Antichrist

By Allan Lengel

It may not have been the brightest of assassination plots considering President Obama wasn’t even in town when Oscar Ramiro Oretego-Hernandez allegedly fired at the White House.

Nonetheless, authorities believe the intent to kill Obama was there. He’s been charged with attempting to assassinate the president.

CBS News reports that a witnesses told the FBI he had become increasingly angry with the government and Obama, who he considered the antichrist who needed to be killed.

The FBI found a semi-automatic assault rifle in his car along with three loaded magazines, nine spent shells, several extra boxes of cartridges, an aluminum baseball bat, brass knuckles and a sales receipt for purchases made at a WalMart in Fairfax, Va. just four and a half hours before the shooting, CBS News reported.

Authorities confirmed several gun shots on the south side of the White House, CBS reported.

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Atty. Gen. Holder Harangued Over Caribbean Trip

file photo

By Danny Fenster

Attorney General Eric Holder can’t get a break. On break from congressional hounding over ATF’s Fast and Furious program, Holder is now being criticized over an ongoing visit to the Caribbean.

The Daily Beast reports that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who has been sharply critical of  Holder over the Fast and Furious Operation, is ripping into him for traveling for five days to the islands just days after President Obama announced a new austerity program to save billions in federal spending and travel.

“One would think that agreements could be signed on a more abbreviated schedule that saves the attorney general time he continually indicates he doesn’t have, as well as taxpayer money,” said House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Issa, according to The Daily Beast.

Holder has been traveling to sign law-enforcement agreements with local agencies, and to discuss a Medicare fraud sting in the area, according to the Daily Beast. Holder also held a summit with other AGs in the area and plans to attend an international conference on promoting democracy in the Western Hemisphere.

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Bullet Hits the White House; Secret Service Investigating

By Danny Fenster

A bullet hit the White House, but was stopped by ballistic glass, reports the Associated Press.

Because the investigation is ongoing Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan declined to answer questions about the incident, including the room of the hit window are the caliber of the bullet, AP reported. Additional rounds were found outside of the White House.

The bullets were discovered on Tuesday, AP reported.

President Obama was on his way to a summit in Hawaii and not at home at the time.

Officials say the incident is not tied to another shooting incident near the White House on Friday, when gunfire was heard accompanied by two speeding vehicles.

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The Examiner Editorial: On FOIA, Obama Wants a License to Lie

By The Examiner
Editorial Page

It’s not often that the liberal American Civil Liberties Union and conservative Judicial Watch agree on anything, but the Obama administration’s lack of transparency has brought the two together.

Obama’s Justice Department has proposed a regulatory change that would weaken the Freedom of Information Act. Under the new rules, the government could falsely respond to those who file FOIA requests that a document does not exist if it pertains to an ongoing criminal investigation, concerns a terrorist organization, or a counterintelligence operation involving a foreign nation.

There are two problems with the Obama proposal to allow federal officials to affirmatively assert that a requested document doesn’t exist when it does. First, by not citing a specific exemption allowed under the FOIA as grounds for denying a request, the proposal would cut off a requestor from appealing to the courts.

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Mass. Airport Claims Secret Service Caused $676,048 Damage During Obama Visit

Pres. Obama at press conference/white house photo

By Danny Fenster

The president’s entourage rolled through a small Massachusetts airport last year like an untamed rock band wreaking havoc in a hotel room, causing more than half a million dollars in damages. Or so the airport alleges.

Marlborough Airport Properties Inc. filed a suit in a U.S. district court this week against the administration, reports the Boston Business Journal. The suit claims that an agreement had been made regarding the helicopter carrying the president–that it would not damage the tarmac.

Indeed, the helicopter did not damage the tarmac, states the suit, but the 44,000 lb. ‘foam truck,’ and other ground vehicles the Secret Service drove onto the airport caused property damages of up to $676,048.13.  “Turf or grassed-in areas” also were “significantly damaged,” the suit states.

The Business Journal reports that the administration has denied requests for compensation. The airport property company is seeking a jury trial.

Senate Judiciary Gives Nod to 5 Nominees for U.S. Atty in Texas and Oregon and a U.S. Marshal in Fla.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Pitman is a nominee

By Allan Lengel

Nearly three years after being elected President, the Obama administration is still working to fill the U.S. Attorney spots.

The latest: The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday gave the go ahead by voice vote for four U.S. Attorney nominees in Texas and one in Oregon. The full Senate must now vote on the matter.

The Texas nominees include: Kenneth Magidson for the Southern District of Texas; U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Lee Pitman for the Western District of Texas; John Malcolm Bales for the Eastern District of Texas; and Sarah Ruth Saldana for the Northern District of Texas.

S. Amanda Marshall got the nod for the U.S. Attorney spot in Oregon.

Additionally, the committee gave the nod for nominee Edward M. Spooner for the U.S. Marshal job in Northern District of Florida.


Secret Service and FBI Probing Racial Cartoon Faxed to White House and Congress Member

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

By Allan Lengel

Some cartoons simply aren’t funny.

The Secret Service and FBI are investigating who faxed a racially charged cartoon to the White House and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex),  the Houston Chronicle reported.

The cartoon depicted nooses and lynching posts, the paper reported. The headline included a racial epithet and the cartoon also included two L-shaped lynching posts with “Sheila Jackson Lee” written on one cross bar and “Hussein Obama” written on the second cross bar, the Houston Chronicle reported. The return address on the fax said: “Defecating on Obama.”

“We are aware of the cartoon, and we are taking appropriate measures,” said Secret Service spokesman Robert Novy, according to the Chronicle.