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Kenyen Brown Set to Become Alabama’s First Black U.S. Atty


By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Congressional staffer Kenyen Brown is set to become the first black U.S. Attorney in Alabama history.

President Obama nominated Brown Thursday to the office, which covers 13 counties.

Brown currently serves as director of advice and education for the House Ethics committee.

To read more go to the Mobile Press-Register.

Other Presidential nominations announced Thursday included Neil H. MacBride for U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia and Steven Gerard O’Donnell for U.S. Marshal in Rhode Island.

Man Who Threatened Pres. Obama Gets 10 Months of House Arrest


By Allan Lengel

A 21-year-old Texas man man who pleaded guilty in May to sending emails threatening the life of President Obama  eight days before the inauguration, will get 10 months of probation under house arrest, the Associated Press reported.

A Denver judge on Friday gave Timothy Ryan Gutierrez the sentence that also included about a $1,500  payment to the security of the  Mall of America in Minnesota. His emails. which were sent from Colorado to the FBI in Washington, threatened Obama and said that he had planted bombs outside the mall, AP reported.

He could have gotten up to 18 months in prison.

Arizona’s Diane Humetewa — the First Female Native American U.S. Attorney — Will Step Down Aug. 2

U.S. Atty. Diane Humetewa

U.S. Atty. Diane Humetewa

By Allan Lengel

Diane Humetewa, the nation’s first female Native American U.S. Attorney, will step down Aug. 2, the  Phoenix Business Journal reported.

The move comes as no surprise since Dennis Burke has already been tapped as her replacement.

Humetewa, a  member of the Hopi Indian Tribe,  began serving in  December 2007.

At the time of her appointment by President Bush,  Indian Country Today newspaper wrote that “Indian country found big reason to celebrate.”

LA Times Editorial: The Inescapable Politics of Selecting U.S. Attys

Sen. Leahy meets with Eric Holder before confirmation (left)/official photo

Sen. Leahy meets with Eric Holder before Holder confirmation (left)/official photo

Los Angeles Times
Editorial Page

During the uproar over the firing of nine U.S. attorneys by the Bush administration, an ordinary citizen could be excused for thinking that Democrats opposed any role for partisan politics in the operation of the Justice Department.

That naive notion has been dispelled as President Obama moves to install his own appointees as chief federal prosecutors.

It doesn’t follow that Obama and Eric H. Holder Jr.will countenance the abuses that occurred in the Bush Justice Department, some of which are under criminal investigation. But it demonstrates that, regardless of which party is in power, U.S. attorneys will not be chosen by merit alone.

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Other U.S. Atty. News

B. Todd Jones Gets Second Chance to be Minnesota U.S. Atty


President Obama is bringing back Todd Jones, a former U.S. Attorney and veteran of the first Gulf War, who served under Clinton. Considering that he was confirmed once before, he’s not likely to have many problems during the confirmation process.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
MINNEAPOLIS — B. Todd Jones, who was U.S. attorney in Minnesota during the last years of the Clinton administration, was nominated Thursday to return to the job by President Obama.

Jones was recommended for the position in March by Sen. Amy Klobuchar after his name rose to the top among members of a bipartisan advisory committee she had created. Klobuchar was Hennepin County attorney for much of the time Jones last served as U.S. attorney.

“I’m honored to be nominated by the White House and look forward to serving as the U.S. attorney in the district of Minnesota,” he told the Associated Press.

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President Obama to Appoint Cybersecurity Czar


From the Pentagon and utility companies to Obama’s own campaign headquarters, hackers have been making Swiss cheese out of our cyber-security. Appointing a leader to guard against this new threat to our nation will hopefully lead to standardization of our nation’s digital defenses and better ways to keep our nation’s secrets safe.

WASHINGTON – President Obama announced Friday he is creating the post of cyber security coordinator to oversee “a new comprehensive approach to securing America’s digital infrastructure.”

The president said he will personally select the person who takes on that post and “will depend on this official” in all matters related to online security.

Tackling the economic crisis cannot be done without ensuring the safety of online activities, Obama said.

“I know how it feels” to have online privacy violated, the president said.

He referred to last year’s hacking of computers at his campaign headquarters. The hackers did not access databases containing information about campaign donors, but did gain access to policy position papers and travel plans, Obama said.

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Pres. Obama Addresses FBI and Gives Agency a Thumbs Up

Today’s visit was a good sign of Pres. Obama’s support for the FBI and its mission. Interestingly, for a conservative agency, there were some agents who normally vote Reobamapublican who were fed up with the Bush regime and voted for Obama.

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON – Offering a robust endorsement for the FBI and its leadership, President Barack Obama on Tuesday praised the bureau’s employees for their commitment to staying “one step ahead of all who step outside of the law.”

“We are counting on you,” Obama said from an outdoor courtyard at FBI headquarters, where he was greeted by sustained cheers.

Thousands crammed the plaza, while many other FBI workers peered down from their windows. Obama thanked them all for embracing “a profound transformation” in their mission and their capabilities.

“With the attacks of 9/11, your mission became focused more than ever before on prevention, so that we have the capacity to uncover terrorist plots before they take hold,” he said. “With the spread of new technologies you increasingly confronted adversaries in unconventional areas, from transnational networks to cybercrimes and espionage. And through it all, you must continue to stay one step ahead of all who step outside of the law.”

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Aryans in Idaho Say Obama “Greatest Recruiting Tool Ever”

Federal law enforcement has watched in the past year as chatter on hate-based websites increased with the popularity of Barack Obama. Obama may be a nightmare come true for the Aryan members. But it’s appears to be a dream come true for organizers trying to ramp up membership.

By The Associated Press
COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — The Aryan Nations has returned to northern Idaho with what it is calling a “world headquarters” and a recruitment campaign.

Coeur d’Alene resident Jerald O’Brien, who has a large swastika tattoo on his scalp, is one of the leaders of the white supremacist group and said he expects membership to grow because of the election of President Barack Obama.

He told The Spokesman-Review newspaper that the president is the “greatest recruiting tool ever.”

Residents of a Coeur d’Alene subdivision found recruitment fliers on their lawns Friday and O’Brien said more fliers will be distributed. He said the group has “several handfuls” of members in the city.

The fliers show a young girl asking her father “Why did those dark men take mommy away?”

But many in the region reject the group.

“I saw Aryan Nations and put it in the trash,” said Garvin Jones. “What’s wrong with these people? Give me a break. I bet if you went back in their family history, not one is 100 percent white.”

The newspaper reported that most people interviewed about the fliers declined to be identified for fear of retribution.

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