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September 2021


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: NSA

DEA, Justice Department Secretly Tracked Phone Calls of Americans

By Steve Neavling

The DEA and Justice Department have been secretly amassing logs of nearly all international phone calls that originated from the U.S., the USA Today reports.

The collection of billions of calls came nearly a decade before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The government has tracked calls to as many as 116 countries, including Canada, Mexico and most of South America.

The records helped investigators track the distribution networks of drug cartels.

According to the USA Today,

The now-discontinued operation, carried out by the DEA’s intelligence arm, was the government’s first known effort to gather data on Americans in bulk, sweeping up records of telephone calls made by millions of U.S. citizens regardless of whether they were suspected of a crime. It was a model for the massive phone surveillance system the NSA launched to identify terrorists after the Sept. 11 attacks.

That dragnet drew sharp criticism that the government had intruded too deeply into Americans’ privacy after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked it to the news media two years ago.

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Suspect in Deadly Suspect in NSA Encounter, Who Had Criminal History, Is Identified

By Steve Neavling

A man who was killed after crashing a stolen SUV outside of the National Security Agency has a criminal history and has been identified.

The Washington Post reports that the suspect was Ricky Shawatza Hall, 27. He is accused of smashing a police cruiser with a stolen Ford Escape.

The Post identified the passenger as Kevin Lamont Fleming, 20.

The men were dressed as women “but not in an attempt to disguise themselves from authorities,” according to a prepared statement from FBI spokeswoman Amy J. Thoreson.

Authorities were still tight-lipped about the incident but said terrorism didn’t appear to be the motive.

FBI Investigates Shooting of Men Dressed As Women at NSA Building

By Steve Neavling

The FBI does not believe an attack at the guarded gates of the NSA on Monday was terrorism.

The bureau is investigating after two men who were allegedly dressed as women disobeyed commands at the gates of the NSA in Fort Meade, Md., crashing a stolen car into a police vehicle, reports. 

One of the men died, and the other was injured from gunshots.

The police offer, who also was shot, was taken to the hospital.

It’s still unclear whet motivated the attack.

The NSA said the suspects ordered “routine instructions for safely exiting the secure campus.”

The FBI is investigating.

How U.S. Came to Blame North Korea for Cyber-Attack of Sony

By Steve Neavling 

President Obama and the FBI blamed North Korea for the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November based on information that was collected when the NSA hacked into the country’s computer systems in 2010, the New York Times reports.

The NSA eventually was able to penetrate directly into North Korea’s system and use malware to monitor the internal workings of computers and networks of many of North Korean hackers, most of whom are commanded by the country’s main intelligence service.

The evidence gathered in the hack convinced President Obama that North Korea was behind the attack.

It was the first time the U.S. ever accused another country of striking American targets with a cyberattack.


FBI Uses E-mail Communications Collected by NSA without Warrants

By Steve Neavling 

The FBI has been quietly using information gathered during warrantless NSA surveillance to comb through emails belonging to foreigners to assist in investigations, the New York Times reports.

The Times discovered the FBI was gathering copies of unprocessed communications that were received without a warrant.

The Inspector General report commended the FBI for assuring that no Americans were targeted in the warrantless collection of communications.

Much of the report was redacted, making it impossible to gauge the extent of the communication gathering, the Times wrote.

The records were released after The Times filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

FBI, NSA Has Been Spying on Innocent Muslim Americans Since 9/11

Steve Neavling

The federal government has been spying on law-abiding Muslim Americans, according to the latest documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The Intercept reports that new documents show the targets of the surveillance included lawyers, academics, civil rights activists, and a political candidate who “have all led highly public, outwardly exemplary lives.”

“I just don’t know why,” said Faisal Gill, whose email accounts were monitored while he was a Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates. “I’ve done everything in my life to be patriotic. I served in the Navy, served in the government, was active in my community—I’ve done everything that a good citizen, in my opinion, should do.”

It remains unclear whether the federal government even received warrants.

Two Democrats Criticize Obama Administration for Handling of NSA Spying

Steve Neavling

Two Democratic senators are accusing the Obama administration of trying to “ignore or justify” factual misrepresentations to the Supreme Court about warrantless surveillance by the National Security Agency.

The New York Times reports that the senators, Mark Udall of Colorado and Ryan Wyden of Oregon, complained in a letter to Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. that the Obama administration was contributing to a “culture of misinformation.”

The issue is over the legality of permitting warrantless NSA surveillance.

The Justice Department is reviewing the complaints.

Man Sues NSA, FBI, DIA Over Investigations Involving Ex-South African Leader Nelson Mandela

Steve Neavling

Did a CIA tip lead to Neslon Mandela’s 1962 arrest and subsequent 27 years of imprisonment in South Africa?

A Ph.D. candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ryan Shapiro, filed suit Tuesday against the NSA, FBI and Defense Intelligence Agency for failing to turn over records with a Freedom of Information Act Request, the Huffington Post reports.

Shapiro is investigating the extent to which the U.S. played a role in Mandela’s arrest

“The failure of the NSA, FBI, DIA, and CIA to comply with my FOIA requests for records on Mandela highlights that FOIA is broken and that this sad reality is just one component among many of the ongoing crisis of secrecy we now face,” Shapiro told The Huffington Post.