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December 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: National Crime Information Center

Some Children Rescued in Sex Trafficking Ring Were Never Reported Missing

Steve Neavling

Some of the 168 children who were rescued from a sex trafficking ring last month were never reported missing, the New York Post reports.

The children, as young as 11, were found in hotel rooms, truck stops and homes.

But some were never reported missing, a big concern for child welfare advocates.

Part of the problem, the advocates say, is that the U.S. needs a standardized approach to report missing children. Some states, for example, also don’t require agencies to alert the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.

Some states also lack laws requiring the reporting of missing children.

Legislation pending in Congress would require both.

New Jersey Police Captain Accused of Using FBI Database to Vet Baseball Teammates

Steve Neavling

A judge convicted a suspended New Jersey police captain of using an FBI database to check to do  backgrounds of players on a minor league baseball that he followed, reports.

Brian Brady, 52, of Sparta, also directed subordinates to use the National Crime Information Center database to conduct a background check on a home health aid for his mom. He was the third ranking officer of the state Human Services Police.

Brady was found guilty of official misconduct and computer theft.

Brady “repeatedly treated a restricted law enforcement database like his personal information clearinghouse,” said Criminal Justice Division Director Elie Honig.

“There’s no room in law enforcement for this type of rogue behavior,” Honig said.

Brady faces up to 20 years in prison.

NYPD Cop Accused of Abusing Federal Database to Snoop on Co-Workers

Steve Neavling

Another New York City cop is accused of abusing a federal database operated by the FBI.

The Associated Press reports that Edwin Vargas looked up names of two fellow officers without their knowledge.

Vargas is just the latest NYPC officer accused of abusing the National Crime Information Center database. Others have used the database to tip off drug dealers and stage robberies.

The NCIC database has a lot of information and helps track down cars, stolen guns, fugitives, sex offenders and others, the AP wrote.