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November 2022


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Tag: multiple myeloma

Former FBI Special Agent Battles Health Impact from 9/11 Crash Site

By Steve Neavling

As a special FBI agent following the Sept. 11, 2011, terrorist attacks, Lauren Schuler spent five days combing through the debris at the Pentagon, where American Airlines Flight 77 crashed, killing 64 people aboard and another 125 in the building. 

Now, Schuler tells New Castle News, she’s paying the price for being exposed to toxic health hazards during the 9/11 recovery.

About 15 years after the search, Schuler was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a dangerous type of blood cancer that forced her to get a kidney transplant. 

The FBI says 18 of its employees – 16 special agents, a supervisory investigative specialist, and an electronics technician – have died “while helping evacuate victims from the Twin Towers, or by the significant health issues brought on by the immediate and sustained work they performed at each of the crash sites.”

 “While I would never minimize what happened on that day, the way people were killed so heartlessly by those terrorists, I just have to say that the number of people who have died since is many more,” Schuler said. “I don’t want those people to be forgotten. I don’t want the 18 employees of the FBI who died from their illnesses to be forgotten.”

FBI Agent Mikulski Dies at Age 50 After Fight with Long-term Illness, Wife Says

Steve Neavling 

Mark J. Mikulski, a supervisory agent at the FBI for nearly 20 years, died at the age of 50 following a fight with multiple myeloma.

The Washington Post reports that Mikulski died Feb. 25 at Reston Hospital Center in Virginia.

Mikulski led technology programs that detected terrorist threats.

A native of Buffalo, Mikulski graduated from the University of Bufallo in 1985 and joined the FBI a decade later.

Mikulski also was a Boy Scouts troop leader and a representative to the FBI Agents Association.