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Mobster in Tony Soprano Terrority Pleads Guilty

sopranos 2By Allan Lengel

Just in case you needed a reminder, Yes, the New Jersey mob isn’t just committing crimes on the Sopranos.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Andrew Merola, 42, the reputed leader of a North Jersey faction of the Gambino crime family, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Newark to heading up an organization involved in gambling, loan-sharking, scams, and labor racketeering.

The paper reports that Merola, 42, is a close friend and “alleged criminal associate of South Jersey mob leader Nicky Scarfo Jr.”

The paper reported that the case, which involved  multiple targets, resulted in 39,000 wiretapped conversations.

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No Rape Charges Against ex-OK Gov Mansion Workers (AP)

Gotti Jr. Optimistic Feds Won’t Try for 5th Trial; Hopes to Move from NY

John "Junior" Gotti/youtube photo
John “Junior” Gotti/youtube photo

By Allan Lengel

John Gotti Jr., who walked free after his fourth mistrial on racketeering charges, is “optimistic” the feds won’t try for a fifth trial, the website Gang Land News reports.

The website, written by former New York Daily News mob writer Jerry Capeci, noted that Gotti could get word on the fed’s intentions at a Jan. 22 status conference hearing, if not sooner. A mistrial was declared on Dec. 1 after a New York jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked.

If all goes as planned, Gotti said, he hopes to move out of N.Y. and relocate his family to Florida or the Carolinas.

“I want to move on,” and change the surroundings, Gotti said, according to Gang Land.”To be here, it’s a little awkward at times. I’m not that far from Queens; I’m not that far from New York. You go to dinner in a restaurant with your wife, you tend to bump into old acquaintances.”


FBI Raids Chicago Bars; Probe Video Poker Machine Links to Mob

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NY Mobster Gregory DePalma Whose Friends Included Sinatra Dies in Prison at Age 77

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

By Allan Lengel

New York mobster Gregory DePalma, whose friends included celebrities Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Willie Mays, and who was embarrassed when he suggested an undercover Cuban-born FBI agent become a made man in the Gambino crime family, has died in prison at age 77, Gangland News reported.

DePalma became a “made man” under the late Paul Castellano regime, Gangland reported.

Gangland reported that DePalma predicted at his sentencing in 2006 that he wouldn’t survive his 12 year sentence. He died from a myriad of ailments last week at the federal prison hospital North Carolina.

He was embarrassed when it came out that he tried to get Cuban-born undercover FBI agent Joaquin Garcia into the Gambino crime family as a made man.

“The world is a better place without Greg,” Garcia told Gangland. “I hope Greg made his peace with God before he died, but if he didn’t, God better watch his wallet.”

See Video on Undercover FBI Agent Joaquin Garcia Who  Helped Put DePalma Away


Interesting Twist: Sammy the Bull Might Testify on Behalf of Mobster Gotti Jr

sammy-the-bullBy Allan Lengel

Salvatore “Sammy Bull” Gravano, the legendary mob snitch who helped convict his boss John Gotti, may get an opportunity to help  John Gotti Jr. who is on trial in N.Y., according to the website Gang Land News.

The website, written by mob-beat  reporter Jerry Capeci, reports that the defense may call Sammy the Bull as a witness to refute allegations that Gotti Jr. supervised the 1990 murder of a Gambino wise guy Louis DiBono who poppa Gotti wanted dead.

“In interviews with the FBI, and from the witness stand at several trials, Sammy Bull testified that he oversaw the October 4, 1990 murder of Louis DiBono,” Gangland news reports. ” At no time did he ever include Junior as a participant in the slaying, one of three murders included in the current case, and that could be of crucial help for the defense in Gotti IV.”

Gotti Jr. is accused of racketeering and murder and all things mobsters do to run an enterprise. It is his fourth trial in five years. The other three trials ended in a mistrial.

Not Everyone Wants to Serve Up Justice in Mobster Gotti Case

By Allan Lengel

John Gotti Jr./

John Gotti Jr./

It seems everyone wants justice. It’s just that not everyone wants to be the one to serve it up.

The Guardian newspaper of London reports that earlier this week seven jurors in the trial of mobster John Gotti Jr. made a last minute appeal to get off the jury. The judge denied it and swore them in.

The feds are hoping to put Gotti Jr. away for life, just like they did his dad, the “Dapper Don”. The son is accused of racketeering and murder and all things mobsters do to run an enterprise.

This is Gotti’s fourth trial in five years. The other three trials ended in a mistrial.

The Guardian reported that when Gotti showed up for jury selection last week, he remarked: “Good morning. I am John Gotti. Here I am again.”

Even the Mob Could Use a Little Stimulus $$$

Yes, even the mob needs some stimulus money. There are some stimulus programs like home weatherization that have helped such industries as construction and heating and cooling. But they are also ripe for corruption. The FBI has been expecting to see some corrupt practices grow out of these programs.


New York Times

Everybody is looking for stimulus money.

From bridge builders to food stamp recipients, from roofers to subway riders, from teachers to housing project residents, people are eager to feel some part of a tidal wave of federal dollars in their lives.

The mob is eager, too.

Federal and state investigators who track organized crime believe that some members have geared up to take advantage of the swift and enormous cash influx – if they have not already – looking, as the old Sicilian expression goes, to wet their beaks.

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85-Year Old Chicago Mobster Still Has Soft Spot for Al Capone

Chicago Mobster Sam Valpendesto may be 85. He may appreciate a good early bird special meal. And he may be eligible for a senior discount at the movies. But he’s still very dangerous, prosecutors insist. A judge agreed.

Al Capone/fbi photo

Al Capone/fbi photo

The Associated Press
CHICAGO –– Even at age 85, reputed mobster Sam Volpendesto clearly has a soft spot for the days when Al Capone was boss in Chicago’s ruthless mob scene. In wiretap recordings released by federal prosecutors Monday, he seems to delight in telling how he lived among “very dangerous people” and watched one mobster put a human body through a meat grinder.

Prosecutors argued that Volpendesto is still a dangerous man, and only six years ago set off a pipe bomb that demolished a video poker company in Chicago’s suburban Berwyn. No one was injured, but prosecutors said it was a warning to stay away from the mob’s gambling monopoly in the area.

The recordings made by a confidential informant in May 2005 are part of a sweeping federal racketeering case. Volpendesto, diminutive and white bearded, is among seven men accused of plotting to carry out burglaries, robberies, arsons and other crimes dating back to 2001.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Sidney Schenkier seemed to agree with prosecutors and on Monday denied bail for Volpendesto, who has pleaded not guilty to racketeering and other charges. He has sought bail several times since his arrest last summer.

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