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FBI Calls on Iran to Release Robert Levinson on 13th Anniversary of Disappearance

Robert Levinson, via FBI.

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is calling on Iran to release former FBI Agent Robert A. Levinson on the 13th anniversary of his disappearance in 2007.

Calling him the “longest-held hostage in U.S. history,” the FBI issued a statement Tuesday renewing its repeated call on Iran to live up to its commitment to share information about Levinson’s whereabouts.

“Bob’s wife and family have been waiting for his return for 13 years, waiting for the government of Iran to make good on its commitment to help make that happen,” FBI Director Christopher Wray says in a new release. “Over those years Bob’s FBI family of agents, analysts, and professional staff have been working on his behalf with our interagency partners and will never cease the efforts to bring Bob home. We call on Iran to provide the necessary assistance and end this long wait so Bob’s family and friends get him back.”

Levinson, whose 72nd birthday is today, disappeared while on a CIA operation on Kish Island in Iran.

The Iranian government initially responded that it had detained Levinson but soon backed off that story and has since maintained it has no idea about Levinson’s whereabouts.

Some intelligence officials believe Levinson may be dead, but that hasn’t stopped the search.

The Department of State Rewards for Justice Program announced up to a $30 million reward last year for any information leading to Levinson’s whereabouts. The FBI is also offering a $5 million reward.

FBI: Missing Girl Likely Abducted, Raped, Shot, Fed to Alligators

Brittanee Drexel, who went missing seven years ago.

Brittanee Drexel, who went missing seven years ago.

By Steve Neavling

Gruesome new details have emerged in the case of a missing teenage girl who disappeared from Myrtle Beach seven years ago.

The FBI now believes 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel, of Rochester, NY, was “abducted, gang-raped, shot to death and thrown into an alligator-infested swamp,” the New York Daily News writes.

The information comes from a prison inmate, who said he was present during the killing.

“Several witnesses have told us Miss Drexel’s body was placed in a pit, or gator pit, to have her body disposed of. Eaten by the gators,” FBI Agent Gerrick Munoz said.

At least two people have been implicated in the case so far.

Grandmother Alerts FBI After Spotting New Photo of Granddaughter Missing Since 2007

By Steve Neavling 

Ashley Summers, 14, went missing in July 2007 and has not been heard from since. 

That was until her grandmother recently saw a new photo online that closely resembled her granddaughter, reports.

The grandmother sent the photos to the FBI.

Ashley disappeared in 2007, and authorities feared she was abducted.

The photos were posted on a website for Rhode Island’s Most Wanted Network, and they don’t appear to depict someone who is being held against her will, said said Maj. Raymond Gallucci of the Warwick Police Department. The woman in the photo is wanted for stealing credit cards and wallets.

Summers would be 21 today.

Authorities Search for Missing ICE Agent in Los Angeles Area

Steve Neavling

Feds and local police launched a search Wednesday night for a missing ICE agent who didn’t turn up for work in southern California, The Los Angeles Times reports.

But authorities expressed some optimism late Wednesday that no foul play was involved. ICE released a statement shortly before 11 p.m., saying they believed the unidentified officer “was picked up by a fellow … employee after experiencing vehicle problems overnight on a local freeway.”

However, police “will continue to treat the this as a ‘missing persons’ case until the officer is actually contacted.”

The updates were posted on a LA Times report about the suspected disappearance.

Earlier in the day, ICE wrote in a press release, “A search is underway … for an officer with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s and Removal Operations division who may be missing.”

Cleveland Police Removed Kidnapping Victim, Michelle Knight, from FBI Database Early On

Steve Neavling 

Nearly a decade before Michelle Knight escaped her captor’s house in Cleveland, police removed her from an FBI database that stores information on missing people, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

Just 15 months after Knight went missing in 2002, her name was wiped off the database.

Police defended the move, saying they couldn’t reach her mother to verify the woman was still missing.

But at the time, the police department had a written policy that required an officer to verify a missing person has been found and then inform the FBI, the Plain Dealer wrote.

California FBI Agent ’s Death Ruled a Suicide

Stephen Ivens/police photo

Steve Neavling

FBI agent Stephen Ivens who went missing two months ago from his Burbank, Calif., home and was found dead Monday in a wooded area, committed suicide,  authorities have ruled, according to the Associated Press reports.

Ivens went missing in May, prompting a furious search.

Investigators said Ivens was despondent and had feared he might kill himself.

FBI Agent Found Dead in Wooded Area of California

Stephen Ivens/police photo

 Steve Neavling 

FBI Agent Steven Ivens went missing more than two months ago.

His family’s worst fears came true Monday when two hikers found the 35-year-old’s body in a wooded area in Burbank, Calif., the Associated Press reports.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office is to determine the cause of death and time of death.

Authorities said Ivens, who was being treated for depression, was distraught when he disappeared.

Ivens, who is survived by his wife and 2-year-old son, walked away from his home with his gun and keys May 10, spurring an unsuccessful air and ground search, the AP reported.