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Lead Agent in Ted Stevens Case Under Ethical Review

The late Sen. Ted Stevens

By Allan Lengel

The mess from the bungled prosecution of the late Sen. Ted Stevens isn’t  over yet.

The website Main Justice reports that the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the lead FBI agent in the case, Mary Beth Kepner.

New of the probe surfaced when FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III testified this week before the House Judiciary Committee.

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Office of Professional Responsibility Finds 2 Prosecutors and FBI Agent Engaged in Misconduct in Ted Stevens Case

Judge Emmet Sullivan/court photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — A draft by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility concluded that two prosecutors and an FBI agent in the Sen. Ted Stevens case engaged in misconduct,the Associated Press reported.

AP, citing ” a lawyer familiar with the matter,” said the report found that prosecutors Joseph Bottini and James Goeke and FBI agent Mary Beth Kepner had engaged in misconduct.

The probe involving the prosecutors stemmed from allegations that they failed to share evidence that could have helped the defense. The allegations prompted Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to move for the 2008 public corruption conviction against Stevens to be vacated.

Steven died in a plan crash in August. Allegations about Kepner surfaced after an FBI whistle-blower said she had inappropriate relations with a key government witness, AP reported. Bottini’s lawyer, Ken Wainstein, a former U.S. Attorney, declined to comment, AP reported.

Ted Stevens

Meanwhile, AP reported that the same source said that an attorney, Henry Schuelke, who is running a separate investigation into the matter for the presiding Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, has not yet decided whether to recommend criminal prosecution against the prosecution team.

The AP report contradicts a report by NPR, which said Schuelke would not recommend criminal charges.

Some Dispute FBI Agent’s Allegations of Government Misconduct in Sen. Stevens Case

Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens before his defeat
Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens before his defeat

It’s hard to figure out what was more interesting: the trial or the post-trial with even juicier allegations of government wrongdoing.

Anchorage Daily News

As the Justice Department prepares its official response to the FBI whistle-blower complaint that surfaced in the case of former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, people with first-hand knowledge of some of its issues, including some named in the complaint, say it represents overblown concerns of an inexperienced agent.
The unusual complaint was brought by FBI agent Chad Joy, one of the key investigators in the five-year-old federal inquiry into corruption in Alaska politics. He accused the lead agent in the broad investigation and several prosecutors in the Stevens case of wrongdoing.
One former confidential source in the corruption investigation took issue with some of the facts alleged in the complaint by Joy. The source, Frank Prewitt, a former state corrections commissioner, said in an interview recently that he never observed FBI case agent Mary Beth Kepner, the chief target of the complaint, cross the line into improper or unethical conduct.
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More Details of Allegations of FBI Misconduct Come Out in Stevens Case

Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens/official photo

Ex-Sen. Ted Stevens/official photo

The case is only getting uglier. Whether the prosecution can survive all the allegations and maintain the conviction is a big question mark.  At minimum, a new trial could be in the making. But who knows.

Anchorage Daily News
WASHINGTON — One of the FBI agents assigned to investigate corruption in Alaska politics has accused the lead agent in the probe of unethical behavior, including leaking information about the inner workings of the agency to outsiders and seeking a job for her husband from people who were sources that led to the conviction in October of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens.
The allegations against FBI Special Agent Mary Beth Kepner were first introduced last month, when Special Agent Chad Joy’s whistleblower complaint surfaced as part of Stevens’ appeal. Until Wednesday, however, much of Joy’s complaint was blacked out, leaving people to speculate about the identity of the whistleblower and the Justice Department co-workers he had accused of wrongdoing.
Joy also remained unnamed until Wednesday, when U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan held a court hearing to decide whether to allow the public to see additional blacked-out sections of the eight-page document. Joy, who began working for the FBI in 2003, was assigned to the public corruption probe soon after arriving at the Anchorage office in January 2004.
In his complaint, Joy largely focuses on Kepner’s relationship with her sources in the investigation. One of those sources, which is still redacted, “gave Kepner’s husband his current job as a security guard at the Port of Anchorage,” Joy wrote. Joy also accuses her of accepting artwork of her dog painted by the wife of another source, also unnamed, as well as house-hunting help when she moved from Juneau to Anchorage.
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