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Former FBI Agent Blasts Newly Declassified CIA Reports on 9/11

Mark Rossini

By Jeff Stein

WASHINGTON — Mark Rossini, a former FBI special agent at the center of an enduring mystery related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, says he is “appalled” by the newly declassified statements by former CIA Director George Tenet defending the spy agency’s efforts to detect and stop the plot.

Rossini, who was assigned to the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center (CTC) at the time of the attacks, has long maintained that the U.S. government has covered up secret relations between the spy agency and Saudi individuals who may have abetted the plot. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who flew commercial airliners into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a failed effort to crash into the U.S. Capitol, were Saudis.

A heavily redacted 2005 CIA inspector general’s report, parts of which had previously been released, was further declassified earlier this month. It found that agency investigators “encountered no evidence” that the government of Saudi Arabia “knowingly and willingly supported” Al-Qaeda terrorists. It added that some CIA officers had “speculated” that “dissident sympathizers within the government” may have supported Osama bin Laden but that “the reporting was too sparse to determine with any accuracy such support.”

Over 30 pages relating to Saudi Arabia in the report were blacked out. The Obama administration has also refused to declassify 28 pages dealing with Saudi connections to the hijackers in a joint congressional probe of the attacks.

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Former FBI Agent Claims He Had Information to Stop 9/11 Attacks

A former FBI special agent said he had information that could have prevented the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks but he said the CIA prevented him from taking the evidence to FBI headquarters, Newsweek reports.

Mark Rossini, who lost his job in 2008 for showing confidential FBI documents to actress Linda Fiorentino to help her research a script about a wiretapper, said he was barred from going to FBI headquarters with information that two known terrorists had entered the U.S. Those terrorists later helped carry out the 9/11 attacks.

While government reports have vaguely blamed “intelligence failures” for the terrorist attacks, no details were ever provided about why the CIA didn’t pass on information earlier to the FBI that the terrorists were in the country.

During questioning by the congressional investigators, Rossini said and another FBI agent were told by the CIA to stay quiet.

“It was just understood in the office that they were not to be trusted, that [the congressional investigators] were trying to pin this on someone, that they were trying to put someone in jail,” Rossini told Newsweek. “They said [the investigators] weren’t authorized to know what was going on operationally. … When we were interviewed, the CIA had a person in the room, monitoring us.”

Fed Judge: Good Chance Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian Was “Complicit” in Dirty Detective’s Illegal Conduct

msnbc photo

msnbc photo

The Anthony Pellicano case ruined a lot of people it touched including FBI agent Mark Rossini, who leaked an FBI document in the case (see special reports). Billionaire Kerkorian, like other high-profile people, may have gotten his hands dirty in the whole mess, but nothing will happen to him.

Wall Street Journal
LOS ANGELES — The federal judge in the high-profile wiretapping case of Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano said there was “reasonable cause to believe” that billionaire Kirk Kerkorian was “complicit” in some of the investigator’s illegal conduct.

The statements are part of a 2008 order issued by U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer. Mr. Kerkorian, 92 years old, a prominent businessman and investor, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and hasn’t been charged with a crime.

The U.S. Attorney’s office here, which handled the Pellicano case, declined to comment on Judge Fischer’s 2008 order, which was unsealed recently and surfaced Wednesday in connection with a lawsuit in Los Angeles state court. There aren’t any indications that federal prosecutors are looking at taking any action against Mr. Kerkorian.

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The Raven Haired Actress and the Fall of a Dapper FBI Agent

Mark Rossini/vtv

Mark Rossini/vtv

By Allan Lengel and Rachel Leven
WASHINGTON – As Mark T. Rossini sat at the defendant’s table in the D.C. federal courthouse in May awaiting his fate, you couldn’t help but wonder, if only for a moment, if he saw himself as a tragic figure in a fabled  Hollywood film:

Dapper, veteran FBI agent romances pretty actress and foolishly risks career and prestige — not to mention a $140,000-a-year job — to sneak the actress a secret FBI document.

And you couldn’t help but wonder if he remembered the words he uttered to a group of Muslims at the Al Badr Mosque in Brooklyn that was captured on a YouTube video dated Oct. 20, 2008:

“We are all equal. None of us is above the law, none of us is under the law.”

In the end, Rossini got a slap on the wrist: one year of probation and a $5,000 fine for digging into confidential FBI records and then lying about it to his supervisor and federal investigators.

It didn’t much matter that he did it for his love interest –actress Linda
Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino

Fiorentino of “Men In Black” fame, who had passed the FBI document to help the defense lawyers for rogue detective Anthony Pellicano, who went on trial in 2008 for illegally wiretapping the rich and famous in Hollywood.

The slap on the wrist may have been relatively painless. But his fall from grace was not. Loss of job. Loss of colleagues. Excommunication from the
FBI, an institution obsessed with public image. Rossini, who turned 48 last month, was suddenly very bad for the FBI’s public image. He was unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

“He’s still reeling from the mistakes he made,” a friend said. “He’s devastated. Mark was a hard-working agent who put the needs of the FBI and country at the forefront for years and has made many sacrifices. He’s made some mistakes.”

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Ex-FBI Agent Who Leaked Document to Actress Linda Fiorentino Trying to Rebuild his Life

Mark Rossini (left)/YouTube

Mark Rossini (left)/YouTube

By Rachel Leven
Mark Rossini, the ex- FBI agent who was busted for illegally leaking FBI documents to his lover, actress Linda Fiorentino, is working to rebuild his life in the civilian world, according to federal court documents.

The 47-year-old native New Yorker, who now lives in New Orleans, is building a corporate risk management company that will require overseas travel, court documents show. U.S. Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola on June 1 granted him permission to travel overseas with less than 30 days advance notice.

The outgoing Rossini was sentenced  May 14 to one year probation and fined $5,000 after pleading guilty to five counts of computer criminal access of FBI files. As part of the sentence, he was required to give 30-days notice before traveling overseas.

In court papers, his attorney Adam S. Hoffinger said Rossini needed the flexibility “in order to be able to work and support himself and continue to meet his financial obligations to pay child support and alimony.”

The court documents did not disclose the name of Rossini’s company, but someone familiar with it said it was MTR Associates – the initials standing for: Mark Thomas Rossini. As an FBI agent, Rossini had traveled overseas to do consulting for law enforcement.

He ended his 17-year FBI career in December after pleading guilty. Court documents show that he leaked a document to Linda Fiorentinto, who was trying to help her friend, rogue detective Anthony Pellicano, who was eventually convicted of illegally spying on some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Since leaving the FBI, Rossini has been working with  ex-New Orleans FBI special agent in charge Jim Bernazzani, who is president of the non-profit agency, Youth Rescue Initiative Office in New Orleans.

The office manager Jessica Cook said Rossini was a manager at the agency and is currently working on a book drive. Rossini and his attorney could not be reached for comment.

Prosecutors Recommend Probation for FBI Agent Mark Rossini Who Leaked Document to Actress Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON – Ex-FBI agent Mark Rossini, who was busted for leaking a confidential FBI document to his lover, actress Linda Fiorentino, should get probation instead of prison time, federal prosecutors said in a court filing here.

” As a result of admitting this violation, the defendant has already resigned from the FBI, and has suffered a significant and public fall from grace,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a sentencing memorandum filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Washington.

“Taking into account all of these factors, the government feels that a sentence of five years probation, with the general conditions and special conditions…., along with a $10,000 fine, is justified by the serious criminal conduct when measured against the defendant’s contrition and admission of guilt,” the government document said.
The government document said sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of 0 to 6 months in jail and a maximum $10,000 fine.

Sentencing is set for Thursday at 10 a.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge John M. Facciola.
Rossini, a dapper and colorful character who became fodder for the New York gossip columns when he started dating actress Linda Fiorentino , was accused of accessing the FBI’s Automated Case Support System (ACS) more than 40 times for personal use in Washington and New York between Jan, 3 2007 and July 30, 2007. He pleaded guilty last Dec. 8 to five counts of criminal computer access.

What ended up being his undoing was when he downloaded an FBI document known as a “302 report” on Jan. 26, 2007, and gave it to Fiorentino.

Fiorentino, who according to federal authorities, had a “previous relationship with Anthony Pellicano” provided a copy of the report to a Pellicano attorney in San Francisco.

The attorneys then used the document in Pellicano’s trial to say that the government was withholding “exculpatory information from the defense.”

Little did the attorneys know that the judge had privately told the government in an ex-parte communication that it did not have to hand over the document. Pellicano was eventually convicted of running a criminal enterprise that illegally snooped on high profile celebrities.

Rossini resigned from the FBI, and according to the sentencing memorandum, has landed employment “which was a condition of his plea agreement.”

Under the government’s proposed special conditions of probation, Rossini would be required to perform 250 hours of community service and not seek employment with the federal government or any state, federal or local law enforcement entity while on probation.

Read Government Sentencing Memorandum



FBI Agent Mark Rossini — Romantically Linked to Actress– Pleads Guilty to Accessing FBI Computers To Help Pellicano Case

Linda Fiorentino

Linda Fiorentino

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON – FBI Agent Mark T. Rossini, who became fodder for the New York gossip columns when  he started dating actress Linda Fiorentino, pleaded guilty Monday in federal court in Washington to illegally accessing FBI computers to help rogue private eye Anthony Pellicano during his Los Angles trial on wiretapping and racketeering charges.
The dapper 47-year-old Rossini, clad in a charcoal gray pinstriped-suit and vest, with white shirt and purplish tie, pleaded guilty to five-misdemeanor counts of criminal computer access. Sentencing was set for March on Friday the 13th. Each count carries a maximum of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine.
Rossini, looking very somber, told U.S. District Magistrate Judge John M. Focciola that he agreed with the government’s five-page statement of offense that accused him of accessing the FBI’s Automated Case Support System (ACS) more than 40 times for personal use in Washington and New York between Jan 3, 2007 and July 30, 2007.
At one point, the government report said that Rossini downloaded an FBI document known as a “302 report” on Jan. 26, 2007 and gave it to someone only referred to as “X”. That person was Fiorentino .
Fiorentino, who had “a previous relationship with Anthony Pellicano” provided a copy of the report to a Pellincano attorney  in San Francisco, the document said. The attorneys then used the document in Pellicano’s trial to say that the government was withholding “exculpratory information from the defense.”
Little did the attorneys know, the government document said, that the judge had privately told the government in an ex-parte communication that it did not have to hand over the document. Pellicano was eventually convicted of running a criminal enterprise that illegally snooped on high profile celebrities.
The government document went on to say: “On or about July 9, 2007, an online magazine “Radar Online” published a report relating to the defendant, and the government’s prosecution of Anthony Pellicano. The defendant told his supervisors that the article was entirely false, when in fact that was not the case.
“Agents from the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (OIG) interviewed the
defendant on February 25, 2008, in the presence of his prior attorney,” the document said.”The defendant falsely denied that he obtained FBI information without authorization, or that he provided any FBI information to outside persons. He also denied transmitting the FBI 302 report to any person outside the FBI.”
Rossini, who is likely not to get jail time because he pleaded guilty and quit his job, left the courtroom without comment. Under the sentencing guidelines, he could get a sentence of 0 to 6 months.

Read Government’s Statement of Offense

Accused FBI Agent No Stranger to Controversy

FBI agent Mark Rossini always knew how to get attention. Gossip columnists linked him romantically to actress Linda Fiorentino. Unfortunately, this time the attention is not very flattering. He resigned Friday and is expected to plead guilty next Monday to accessing FBI computers for personal use.

Mark Rossini (left)/youtube photo

Mark Rossini (left)/youtube photo

By Jeff Stein
WASHINGTON –The FBI agent who stands accused of accessing bureau computers for a notorious Hollywood private eye is no stranger to controversy.
Mark Rossini, 46, was a favorite go-to guy for national security reporters when he worked in the FBI’s media relations office. He had come to the job after several years working with the CIA and other intelligence agents at the National Counterterrorism Center, in Virginia.
Tall, handsome and gregarious, Rossini enjoyed schmoozing with reporters over good cabernet and cigars at Les Halles, a French restaurant around the corner from the FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Over the past year the recently divorced counterterrorism specialist had also been squiring his raven-haired actress girlfriend, Linda Fiorentino, to the Palm and other top restaurants in Washington and New York.
Rossini had also made a splash of sorts when it emerged on Oct. 1, in this column, that the FBI was blocking him from appearing in a public television documentary about pre-9/11 intelligence failures.

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