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Court Orders SEC to Reinstate Insider Trading Allegations Against Mark Cuban Who Ironically Bank Rolls Investigative Website on Securities Fraud

Mark Cuban recent appearance on HBO's "Entourage"

Mark Cuban recent appearance on HBO's "Entourage"

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Perhaps one of the more ironic things about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban being accused of insider trading is that he bank rolls a website called, which bills itself as “an independent Web-based reporting aimed at exposing securities fraud and corporate chicanery.”

On Tuesday, Cuban was back in what must be an uncomfortable situation for the website: The federal appeals court reinstated the Security and  Exchange Commission’s insider-trading civil case against him, according to the New York Times.

In November 2008, the S.E.C. filed civil charges against Cuban, accusing him of “trading on confidential information when he sold his stake in a small Internet search company just before it announced news that caused its stock price to drop,” the Times reported. The matter was dropped more than a year ago.

Cuban’s lawyer Christopher J. Clark issued a statement about the reinstatement of the allegations,  saying:“We are supremely confident that we will prevail in the district court, either on summary judgment or at trial. The record will show that the S.E.C. alleged facts that it knew it could never prove and brought this case as a result of a pre-existing bias against Mr. Cuban.”

Cuban recently appeared in some episodes of the HBO hit “Entourage”.

Fed Judge Dismisses SEC Insider Trading Suit Against NBA Team Owner Mark Cuban

Well, Mark Cuban caught a big break. Now let’s see if he can concentrate more to make his disappointing NBA team better by making an above-board trade.

Mark Cuban/60 mins.
Mark Cuban/60 mins.

The Dallas Morning News
DALLAS — A federal judge has tossed out the Securities and Exchange Commission’s insider-trading suit against Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, dealing a stunning defeat to the nation’s securities cop in one of its highest-profile civil actions.

Chief Judge Sidney Fitzwater of Dallas said in a 35-page ruling released Friday that the SEC had failed to prove that Cuban entered into a legal agreement not to trade stock in the search engine firm Inc. after learning nonpublic information about the company’s plans to raise more money.

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