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November 2022


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DOJ Alleges Trump ‘Likely Concealed And Removed’ Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago

Former President Trump, via Wikipedia

By Steve Neavling

The Justice Department said it has evidence that classified documents were “likely concealed and removed” from a room in Mar-a-Lago and “that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation.” 

In a 54-page court filing late Tuesday, federal prosecutors said the FBI raid on former President Trump’s house in Florida came after he and his advisers refused to turn over highly classified documents, The Washington Post reports.

The recovered documents were so sensitive that “even the FBI counterintelligence personnel and DOJ attorneys conducting the review required additional clearances before they were permitted to review certain documents,” the filing says.

Included in the filing was a photograph that showed various files labeled “Top Secret” that were found inside a container in Trump’s office. One of the documents was marked “HCS,” or human confidential sources. 

The filing came two days before U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon considers Trump’s request to appoint a special master to conduct a review of the seized documents.

Judge Orders Justice Department to Release Redacted Affidavit in Search of Trump’s Home

Former President Trump, via White House

By Steve Neavling

A judge directed the Justice Department on Thursday to release a redacted version of the affidavit used to obtain a search warrant for former President Trump’s home in Florida. 

The deadline is noon today, the Associated Press reports.

Several news organizations and other groups are seeking the affidavit, which could provide more details about why the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8.

But since the affidavit will be redacted, it’s possible that the blacked-out portions could be so extensive that it would be meaningless to the pubic. 

During the search, agents retrieved 11 sets of classified documents, including top secret information. 

The FBI was investigating the “willful retention of national defense information.”

DOJ Opens Grand Jury Investigation into Trump’s Handling of Classified Material

President Trump

By Steve Neavling

The Justice Department has launched a grand jury investigation into former President Trump’s handling of classified documents after authorities discovered he brought boxes of White House documents to his Florida home. 

Investigators are conducting interviews with former White House aides and issued a subpoena to the National Archives and Records administration to determine how the documents made their way into Mar-a-Lago, The Washington Post reports.

It’s a federal crime to mishandle classified materials. 

The Justice Department declined to comment. 

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said Trump “consistently handled all documents in accordance with applicable law and regulations. Belated attempts to second-guess that clear fact are politically motivated and misguided.”

Authorities recovered 15 boxes of government documents at the Florida home. 

The boxes were supposed to go to the Archives. 

“I can remember watching the Trumps leaving the White House and getting off in the helicopter that day, and someone carrying a white banker box, and saying to myself, ‘What the hell’s in that box?’” David S. Ferriero, who retired last month as archivist of the United States, said in a previous interview.

National Archives Requests DOJ Investigation of Classified Records Found at Trump’s Mar-a-Largo

President Trump

By Steve Neavling

The National Archives and Records Administration is asking the Justice Department to investigate how former President Trump handled White House records. 

Trump took records marked as classified or “top secret” to Mar-a-Largo, The Washington Post reports.

After making the discovery, the National Archives collected 15 boxes of documents from Trump’s residence. 

The National Archives referred the matter to the Justice Department, but there’s no indication yet whether the FBI is investigating. 

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, in typical fashion, dismissed the discovery as “fake news.”

“It is clear that a normal and routine process is being weaponized by anonymous, politically motivated government sources to peddle Fake News,” Budowich said. “The only entity with the ability to credibly dispute this false reporting, the National Archives, is providing no comment.”

The Presidential Records Act requires memos, letters, notes, emails, faxes and other written communications to be preserved. 

FBI Investigates Whether GOP Donor Funneled Chinese Donations into Trump’s Campaign

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is investigating whether a Republican donor and Florida massage parlor entrepreneur illegally funneled money into the President Trump’s re-election campaign from China.

The bureau also is investigator whether Li “Cindy” Yang committed other possible campaign finance violations, The Miami Herald first reported.

A source familiar with the probe said investigators have obtained a federal grand jury subpoena seeking records from Yang’s associate, Bing Bing Peranio, an employee of Yang’s family’s spa business who donated a maximum $5,400 to Trump’s reelection campaign.

The subpoena is targeting records related to the March 5, 2018, donation.

Peranio confirmed to The Miami Herald that she had received a subpoena and that she was interviewed at home by FBI agents Thursday.

FBI agents are investigating whether Yang reimbursed Peranio for the donation.

Yang’s business offered Chinese executives access to Trump and his family at the president’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. Yang is no stranger there, having promoted events at the club and selling tickets on social media in China.

Trump’s Gaudy Lifestyle Is Draining Resources of Secret Service

secret serviceBy Steve Neavling

Donald Trump has refused to give up many of his creature comforts, and that has exhausted the budget of the Secret Service.

Now the agency is asking for an additional $60 million in funding for next year to keep up with Trump’s gaudy lifestyle, Vanity Fair reports.

The problem is that Trump visits his Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, every weekend. Secret Service also has to protect the Trump Tower because First Lady Melania Trump has so far refused to move into the White House. Now Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is using an office in the West Wing and is expected to soon receive security clearance.

Secret Service projects it will need $26.8 million in additional funds to protect the First Family and the Trump Tower.

Vanity Fair wrote:

President Trump is 70 years old—the oldest president to be sworn in for a first term. He has five children, two of whom have eight children between them. Eric Trump announced earlier this week that he and his wife, Lara, are having a baby boy in September, bringing the total count of Trumps to 19. The Secret Service asked for six additional full-time-equivalent positions for the Trump detail, the Post reports.

The remainder of the proposed budget additional funding—$33 million—would go toward travel costs. It is no secret that the president is fond of taking trips to Mar-a-Lago. The Trump children have also jetted to Dubai, Vancouver, and Aspen since he took office, for both business and pleasure. All of these trips require advance and detail, and thus, come out of the agency budget.

They also require a great deal of money from local police protection. Between Election Day and Inauguration Day, the Post reports that New York police spent about $24 million to secure Trump Tower, and on any given day, the city spends between $127,000 and $145,000 to protect the First Lady and First Son in Manhattan while President Trump is in Washington—which has been most weekdays and a handful of weekends, as well.

Palm Beach County, too, has had to foot the bill when the president comes to town. The sheriff’s office has said it has spent $1.5 million so far in overtime pay for on-duty officers securing the private club and taking care of traffic in the surrounding area. The cost is so overwhelming that officials are considering raising taxes or possibly charging Mar-a-Lago a fee in order to cover the costs without impacting residents.

Other Stories of Interest

Secret Service Investigates Student Who Threw Object at Trump Motorcade

secret serviceBy Steve Neavling

A middle school student admitted he threw a 2X4 piece of lumber at President Trump’s motorcade in West Palm Beach, Fla., on Friday afternoon.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office is expected to file charges, CNN reports

Four other juveniles were implicated in the incident.

Trump’s motorcade was near his Mar-a-Lago resort.

No one was injured.

Secret Service continues to investigate the incident.