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December 2021


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Lawmakers Consider Proposal to Require Lyft, Uber to Undergo FBI Background Checks

uberBy Steve Neavling

Some lawmakers are considering a proposal that would require drivers of ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft to undergo FBI background checks.

Taxi companies, which have been hit hard by the lower prices of Uber and Lyft, said they are subject to FBI background checks and so should drivers for ride-sharing services, the Las Vegas Sun reports. 

Supporters of the ride-sharing services say background checks are a nonstarter and intended to bump Uber and Lyft off the roads.

“There’s a lot of interest in the background check because of public safety,” said John Mowbray, a lawyer who represents Frias Transportation Management, which operates one of Las Vegas’ largest cab companies.

Left and Uber are not fans of FBI checks because they are costly and can months to process. The companies, instead, rely on commercial background checks.

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Was Uber’s Competitor Responsible for Data Breach? Justice Department Investigates

uberBy Steve Neavling

The Justice Department is investigating a 2014 data breach at Uber to determine whether its competitor, Lyft, or any of its employees were involved, Reuters reported. 

The probe is focused on a breach that led to 50,000 Uber drivers’ names and their license plates numbers being illegally downloaded.

Uber’s investigation revealed that Lyft’s technology chief, Chris Lambert, may have been involved because an internet addresses in the case can be traced to him.

Lambert’s attorney, Miles Ehrlich, said his client “had nothing to do” with the breach.

“Given that Uber apparently lost driver data, a law enforcement investigation is to be expected,” Ehrlich said. “And the benefit is that the culprit here is going to be identified – and that’s going to remove Chris’ name from any conversation about Uber’s data breach, as it should.”

Lyft said in a statement Friday that “we have not been contacted by the DOJ, U.S. Attorney’s office or any other state or federal government agency regarding any investigation.”