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November 2021


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Tag: license plate reader

Feds Quickly Cancel Plan to Start License Plate-Tracking System Following Mix Up

Steve Neavling 

Hold up, say ICE officials.

A solicitation for a company to compile a database of license plate information was canceled just a day after the Washington Post revealed the plan.

“The solicitation, which was posted without the awareness of ICE leadership, has been cancelled,” ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told the Washington Post in a statement. “While we continue to support a range of technologies to help meet our law enforcement mission, this solicitation will be reviewed to ensure the path forward appropriately meets our operational needs.”

The technology would have allowed law enforcement to scan the tags of every vehicle to collect data.

Homeland Security Plans to Build National Database from License-Plate Readers

Steve Neavling 

Homeland Security hopes to build a national database based on information gathered from license-plate readers, the Washington Post reports.

The idea is to help locate and arrest “absconders and criminal aliens” while also reducing surveillance hours.

DHS spokesman Gillian Christensen emphasized that the database would “only be accessed in conjunction with ongoing criminal investigations.”

License-plate readers automatically records vehicles.

The ACLU claims the devices are an invasion of privacy.

“More and more cameras, longer retention periods, and widespread sharing allow law enforcement agents to assemble the individual puzzle pieces of where we have been over time into a single, high-resolution image of our lives,” the ACLU said.

Local Police Department Nab Border Patrol Agent on Accusations of Child Molestation

Steve Neavling

A local police department in Texas credited tag readers for the arrest of a U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of child molestation, the Loganville Patch reports.

The alert from the license plate reader indicated the owner of the car had an outstanding warrant.  Under the system, a camera reads license plates of parked and moving cars — hundreds per minute — and checks them against vehicle databases.

“[The officer] initiated a traffic stop [and] was able to confirm out of Del Rio, Texas, that the person driving the vehicle was wanted for indecent acts with a child,” Assistant Police Chief Dick Lowry said.

The identify of the officer is unclear.