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March 2023


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Saddam Hussein Knew I was a Lebanese Christian Immediately, Says Ex-FBI Agent Who Interrogated Him

By Allan Lengel

FBI agent George Piro says panic set in when he got a phone call from the bureau on Christmas Eve in 2003 saying that he’d been picked to interrogate Saddam Hussein on behalf of the FBI.

George Piro (LinkedIn photo)

“It was terrifying to know that now I was going to be interrogating somebody that was on the world stage for so many years. It seemed such a significant responsibility on behalf of the FBI,” Piro, who retired last year from the FBI as head of the Miami office, tells Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst. “I went to Barnes & Noble and bought two books on Saddam Hussein so I could start improving my understanding of who he was and all the things that were going to be important in developing an interrogation strategy.”

Piro, a Lebanese American who is now working on a book on his experience with the Iraqi dictator, tells Bergen he built a rapport with Hussein and eventually met with him five to seven hours a day; a couple of hours in the morning, a couple of hours in the afternoon and then a formal interrogation session or two a week.

“At my first meeting with Saddam, within 30 seconds, he knew two things about me. I told him my name was George Piro and that I was in charge, and he immediately said, ‘You’re Lebanese.’ I told him my parents were Lebanese, and then he said, ‘You’re Christian.’ I asked him if that was a problem, and he said absolutely not. He loved the Lebanese people. Lebanese people loved him. And I was like, ‘Well, great. We’re going to get along wonderfully.’ (Saddam was a Sunni Muslim, while most Iraqis are Shia Muslims.)”

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Watch a 2008 interview with Piro with 60 Minutes

Philly FBI Busts 5 Men of Lebanese Origin in Sting That Involved Stinger Missiles

beeBy Allan Lengel

The Philly FBI busted five men of Lebanese origin in an international sting in which one man allegedly wanted to buy 100 Stinger missiles designed to shoot down aircraft, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The paper reported that the central figure in the sting, which was  run by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, planned to use anti-aircraft weapons and 250 machine guns in the Middle East, “and asked to have them exported to Iran or Syria for use by “the Resistance,” according to an FBI affidavit unsealed today, the Inquirer reported.  The “Resistance” group was not identified.

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NY Man Pleads To Providing Satellite Feeds to Hezbollah

It’s obvious that Javed Iqbal wasn’t supplying transmission feeds of Seinfeld. The feds found no humor in this programming.

A Staten Island man pleaded guilty Tuesday to providing satellite television transmission services to the Lebanese militant movement Hezbollah, which the United States has branded a terrorist organization, legal authorities said.
In exchange, Javed Iqbal, also known as John Iqbal, received thousands of dollars, according to Lev L. Dassin, acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.
Dassin said Iqbal admitted he had provided material support and resources to Hezbollah’s television station, Al Manar, which means ”The Beacon.”
Hezbollah uses the station to attract support, including raising funds and recruiting volunteers for attacks, according to the criminal complaint against Iqbal and statements he made in federal court.

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