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December 2022


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Prosecutor’s Nightmare: Chicago Fed Juror Failed to Disclose Felony Convictions

By Allan Lengel

And now stay tuned for a federal prosecutorial nightmare.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that “court officials acknowledged Thursday that information revealed by the Tribune appears to show that a member of the federal jury that convicted Springfield power broker William Cellini concealed two felony convictions.”

Generally, a convicted felon cannot serve on a jury. Cellini was convicted of shaking down an Oscar-winning producer in a case that stemmed from the Rod Blagojevich investigation.

The Tribune reported that attorneys for Cellini may use this latest bombshell to overturn last week’s verdict.

The Trib reported, citing Cook County court records,that the jury has a felony conviction for crack-cocaine possession and a felony conviction for aggravated driving under the influence without a driver’s license.

“I consider this very important information that I was not aware of,” defense attorney Webb told the Trib. “I don’t know the facts here, but based on what the Tribune has reported to me, we are looking into the matter to determine if we have a basis to file a motion for a mistrial because a juror may have been allowed to serve on this jury who was legally disqualified from jury service.”

The Trib reported that the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined comment.

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Miami Fed Juror Charged With Soliciting Bribe During Trial

By Danny Fenster

Italo Campagna was serving as a juror in Miami an ongoing federal criminal trial when he slipped the defendant’s father a piece of paper outside the courthouse with a telephone number on it.

Later that afternoon, Campagna, 55,  met with the defendant’s brother, who had contacted him, and arranged to meet in Miami Beach to discuss the case.

In charges announced last week by the FBI, authorities alleged that Campagna offered the defendant’s brother his ability to persuade jurors to vote not guilty in exchange for a  payment between  $50,000 and $100,000.

The brother notified FBI agents and began working with the agency.

He called Campagna back, asking if he was still interested, all the while recording the phone call. Campagna said he was still interested, and they arranged a date and time to discuss a final price. They met later that day, where the brother was able to get Campagna to confirm the details of the trade, and to settle on $20,000. They walked back to the brother’s car, where he handed over what appeared to be a bundle of cash in a brown bag to Campagna, who was then arrested.

“The credibility and public confidence in our criminal justice system hinge on the integrity of individuals serving as jurors. If that integrity is compromised, then so are our efforts to bring criminals to justice,” said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Wifredo A. Ferrer in a statement. “This case should serve as a stern reminder of the consequences that follow a breach of a juror’s sworn duty to follow the law.”

Juror Complains About Fellow Juror in John Gotti Jr. Trial

John Gotti Jr./youtube

John Gotti Jr./youtube

By Allan Lengel

The New York tabloids are having a blast with a jury dispute in the federal trial of mobster John Gotti Jr.

One juror  wrote a note to the judge voicing concern about a fellow loud mouth juror.

“There’s more infighting on the Gotti jury than at a gangland sitdown – and they’re not even deliberating yet!,”  the New York Daily News reported last week.

A note signed by “A Concerned Juror” said:
“She announced that we the jurors better be prepared to be deliberating until after the Christmas holiday because … she is not going to allow any f—— body to rush her,” the two-page letter said.

The note also complained that the juror, a 34-year-old postal worker — was ogling “defense attorney Mr. Charles Carneglia,” the Daily News reported.

The juror complained that the loud juror also “charged a takeout order of fried calamari to the court’s tab when the panel visited a local restaurant,” the newspaper reported.

The judge has not removed the juror, but did interview all the jurors to determine if the loud-mouthed juror had discussed the case, read  about it or got information from outside the courtroom, the Daily News reported. Gotti faces a variety of charges including racketeering and murder.

It is his fourth trial in five years. The other three ended in a mistrial.