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August 2022


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Secret Service Director Clancy Is Stepping Down After 2 Years on the Job

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy

By Steve Neavling

Two years after taking the job, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy plans to step down.

Clancy was appointed after fallout from security lapses by agents.

“Congratulations Dir Clancy on your retirement! The men & women of the @SecretService are grateful for your 29 years of service & leadership,” the Secret Service said on Twitter.

Clancy plans to step down on March 4.

President Trump is now charged with appointing Clancy’s replacement.

Clancy was appointed by President Obama.

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Mercury News: Secret Service ‘Is a Mess’ in Need of Drastic Reform

secret serviceBy San Jose Mercury News
Editorial Board

Given the apparently bottomless divide separating Republicans and Democrats in Washington these days, anything the two parties agree on must be painfully obvious. One such truth, apparently, is that the U.S. Secret Service is a mess and needs an immediate and drastic culture change.

This is the overarching conclusion of a scathing report issued Thursday by the bipartisan congressional probe of the inner workings of the Secret Service.
 The arm of government charged with protecting the president, the people who want to be president and other top officials was described by House investigators as an “agency in crisis.” That’s an understatement.
Secret Service was once considered an elite protective force, but it has suffered a number of black eyes in the last few years, including humiliating security lapses and the exposure of scandalous and wildly inappropriate behavior by agents on duty.

If all of this “crisis” talk rings a bell, it’s understandable.

In 2014 Joseph P. Clancy was sent in to direct the agency and to facilitate the needed culture shift. Clancy made promises, but the report indicates House investigators could not see much progress toward reform.

In fact, the report by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform detailed security breaches since 2013 that hadn’t been previously disclosed.

For example, at an awards dinner last fall, a man pretending to be a member of Congress walked into a secure backstage area without being properly screened and spoke with President Barack Obama. Five days later, a woman walked backstage unchecked at a gala dinner where Obama was a featured guest. And the list goes on.

Previous reports, and this one, say one of the major problems with is that the Secret Service is understaffed. Clancy vowed to address that, yet the agency has 52 fewer employees than it did in September 2014, now at its lowest point in a decade.

To read more click here. 

High-Level Sources Told Secret Service Director about Leak of Rep. Chaffetz’s Personnel File

Joseph Clancy

Joseph Clancy

By Steve Neavling

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy knew about the improper leaking of Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s personnel file at least a week before the information became public, the Inspector General of the Homeland Security found.

CNN reports that Clancy was not being truthful when he said he heard a “rumor”that is “not credible” about the leak just before it became public in late May.

But the Inspector General said that at least three top-level sources told Clancy about the leak before it became public. Those officials were the Secret Service deputy director, a deputy assistant director and former directors.

Initially, Clancy denied knowing anything about the leak of Chaffetz’s file, which included information when he unsuccessfully applied for a job at the agency.

“We are unable to determine, because he has no memory of it, the degree to which Director Clancy understood how widely the information was being disseminated within the Secret Service, or whether he understood that the discussion about Chairman Chaffetz was being fueled and confirmed by dozens of agents improperly accessing a protected file,” the inspector general’s office said.

It added, “We do know that Director Clancy was told of the information from three different sources. We also know that no agency-wide affirmative steps were taken to stop access to the record until after the information was reported in the media.”

Homeland Security Reopens Internal Investigation of Secret Service Leak

Joseph Clancy

Joseph Clancy

By Steve Neavling

The Secret Service’s efforts to discredit a congressman has prompted another investigation by Homeland Security’s internal watchdog, the Associated Press reports. 

The move comes after Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy changed when he said he learned about agents investigating the background of Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a frequent critic of the agency.

Still, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson expressed confidence in Clancy.

Clancy originally said he first heard about the leak of Chaffetz information on April 1. But Clancy has since changed his story, saying he heard unsubstantiated rumors about Chaffetz in late March.

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Secret Service Director Apologizes After Agency Disrupts Childhood Cancer Vigil

Joseph Clancy

Joseph Clancy

By Steve Neavling

After the Secret Service disrupted a cancer vigil over the weekend, the agency’s director apologized Monday.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy pledged to investigate why his agency forced parents and their cancer-stricken children from a park near the White House.

Clancy met with Mike Gillette, an advocate for CureFest for Childhood Cancer.

“He was very open and honest, saying that they (Secret Service) made a mistake,” Gillette said. “We never thought there was any malice intended. We’re just a bunch of families who care about kids with cancer.”

The Secret Service cleared the park because President Obama was attending an event outside of the White House on Saturday night.

Reform Efforts Continue in Secret Service with Selection of New COO

secret serviceBy Steve Neavling

The Secret Service continued the process of reform by appointing its first chief operating officer.

Good Morning America reports that George Mulligan, a former director of the White Military office, took the job.

“George is a proven leader who will bring broad management experience, knowledge and initiative to the Secret Service as our first COO,” Secret Service Director Joseph P. Clancy said.

The COO position was announced in March following the recommendation of an independent review panel charged with improving the Secret Service.

The job places Millgan in charge of overseeing, planning and directing program activities.

Good Morning America wrote:

Mulligan comes from the Department of Defense, where he spent 29 years as both a senior civilian executive and a former naval officer. He most recently served as chief of staff to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics and Deputy director for the Washington Headquarters Services and Director of Enterprise management.

In 2009, President Obama appointed Mulligan as the Director of the White House Military Office, where he worked closely with the Secret Service.

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Secret Service Prepares for Logistical Challenge of Protecting Pope Francis in U.S.

Pope francisBy Steve Neavling

It’s a complicated, logistical challenge for the Secret Service – protecting Pope Francis during his visit to the U.S.

What makes security more difficult is that the Pope loves to mingle with the crowds, ABC News reports. 

To prepare for Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to several major U.S. cities in late September, Secret Service officials, including Director Joseph Clancy, traveled to Italy in June to make the preparations.

“I went out to Rome to see firsthand how their detail works, protecting the pope and what he likes to do and how he travels within the crowds,” said Clancy in an interview with ABC News’ Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas at the Secret Service Rowley Training Center.

Pope Francis is visiting Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

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Another Secret Service Lapse: New Hires Haven’t Completed Security Clearance Process

By Steve Neavling

In its rush to hire new Secret Service officers to handle serious security lapses, the agency placed several dozen new people in sensitive positions, even though they had not completed the required national security clearance process, the Washington Post reports, citing two unnamed government sources.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy told at least one Congressman about the problem and pledged to fix the issue.

Part of the problem is an “administrative backlog” in issuing security clearances, the Post wrote.

“The director has taken immediate steps to accelerate the top-secret adjudication process and has allocated additional resources to ensure that this is completed as quickly as possible,” Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said Tuesday.

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