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May 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: John Gotti Jr.

Modern Mobsters Still Follow Dad into the Mafia

John Gotti Jr./youtube

By Allan Lengel
For AOL News

The historic mobster roundup that collared more than 120 people in the New York region last month provided a snapshot of the Mafia of today: murder, gambling and extortion; big bosses and small fries; “made guys” and associates. But what it didn’t show was the pervasive nepotism that still exists in organized crime — only one son with a father with alleged ties to a crime family was arrested that day.

Even so, organized crime experts say the mob of the 21st century, just like the one in the 20th century, is still a magnet for the younger generation.

Father John J. Gotti

“Unfortunately, there’s still quite a few sons in the business,” David Shafer, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Branch in New York, told AOL News. “Hollywood has glamorized the business with shows and movies like ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Goodfellas.’

“But it’s not a glamorous lifestyle. A lot of wise guys and associates aren’t living the luxurious lifestyle and living in a mansion like Tony Soprano.”

Adds Andrew DiDonato, a former associate of the Gambino crime family: “There’s still a ton of nepotism in organized crime. Nepotism still runs wild.”

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Mobster John Gotti Jr. to Make Film and Write Book About His Life With Dad

John Gotti Jr./cbs news

John Gotti Jr./cbs news

By Allan Lengel

Mobster John Gotti Jr., who escaped prison after mistrials were declared in four straight trials in New York, is off to make some doe the legitimate way.

The website Deadline Hollywood reports that the Dapper Don Jr., the former chief of the Gambino crime family, wants to peddle his life story in a documentary film, a feature  film and a book.

The website said his story will be about what it was like to grow up with a famous mobster dad.

The website said Gotti is working with Triplicity Entertainment, a New York-based production company whose founders include attorney Tony D’Aiuto, one of the attorney’s who represented Gotti in his last trial.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced in January that it would not go after Gotti in a fifth trial. Jurors in the previous four trials deadlocked and mistrials were declared. Gotti had been charged with racketeering and having a hand in murder.

“He’s willing to go all the way, revealing as much as possible without hurting anyone who’s still involved in the street life,” attorney D’Aiuto told Deadline Hollywood.


Gotti “Thought He was Dead Meat”; Fired Off Letter to Judge

John Gotti Jr./cbs news

John Gotti Jr./cbs news

By Allan Lengel
For Aol News

John Gotti Jr.’s fourth racketeering trial was a disaster for the prosecution, ending up in another mistrial. But he thought he was going to get convicted and wrote the judge at the onset of jury deliberations in November, griping about his rulings and his attorney’s refusal to let him testify during trial.

“He thought he was dead meat,” said one knowledgeable source, according to the Web site Gang Land News, which requested that the letter be released. “He felt that everything had gone against him and he would be convicted. That’s what spurred him to write the letter.”

The letter was just unsealed Feb. 2 in federal court in New York. In it, Gotti also complained about the judge not granting funding for transcripts and a decision not to allow a witness to testify.

The government tried four times in five years to convict Gotti, the son of the late John Gotti, the boss of the Gambino crime family. Each time the juries deadlocked, resulting in mistrials. Last month, the U.S. attorney’s office officially announced that it would not pursue a fifth trial.

As part of his defense in his trials, Gotti claimed he had left the mob long ago. The prosecution insisted he was lying.

“Make no mistake, I committed crimes in the past, but I left my former life behind over 10 years ago,” Gotti wrote to U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel. “I have served my time and paid my debt to society (I’ve served over 7 years in prison; I’ve paid a $13,000 fine; I forfeited $1.5 million as well as 90 acres in the Poconos and a farm in upstate New York; I paid approximately $400,000 in restitution; I paid back hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes …).

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Gotti Jr. Optimistic Feds Won’t Try for 5th Trial; Hopes to Move from NY

John "Junior" Gotti/youtube photo
John “Junior” Gotti/youtube photo

By Allan Lengel

John Gotti Jr., who walked free after his fourth mistrial on racketeering charges, is “optimistic” the feds won’t try for a fifth trial, the website Gang Land News reports.

The website, written by former New York Daily News mob writer Jerry Capeci, noted that Gotti could get word on the fed’s intentions at a Jan. 22 status conference hearing, if not sooner. A mistrial was declared on Dec. 1 after a New York jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked.

If all goes as planned, Gotti said, he hopes to move out of N.Y. and relocate his family to Florida or the Carolinas.

“I want to move on,” and change the surroundings, Gotti said, according to Gang Land.”To be here, it’s a little awkward at times. I’m not that far from Queens; I’m not that far from New York. You go to dinner in a restaurant with your wife, you tend to bump into old acquaintances.”


John Gotti Jr. Tells Story as a Kid Why he Later Joined the Mob

Father John J. Gotti

Father John J. Gotti

By Allan Lengel

John Gotti Jr. had a little different childhood than most.

On Wednesday, the man who just escaped conviction for the fourth time when a judge declared a mistrial in his racketeering case, explained why he joined the mob.

Newsday’s Sophia Chang reports in an interview with Gotti, 45, that he recalled at age 7 visiting his father John J. Gotti in the Lewisburg, Pa. federal prison where had been serving out his three year sentence for fencing stolen goods. He was popped in an FBI sting at Kennedy Airport.

“My father was released in March of ’72. That [previous] Halloween, ’71, I go to visit my dad, and we were visiting him in Lewisburg,” Gotti said, according to Newsday. “And he’s playing around with me and we’re talking, and he says, ‘Hey John.’ He says, ‘Halloween’s coming up. What’s your plans for Halloween?’

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