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November 2021


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Rep. Issa Rips DOJ, FBI, Accuses Them of Misleading Congress in Russia Probe

Rep. Darrell Issa

By Allan Lengel

The war of words inside the Beltway over the Trump-Russia investigation shows no signs of letting up.

Rep. Darrell Issa accused the Justice Department and FBI of purposefully misleading Congress when it comes to the origin of the Trump-Russia investigation, Real Clear Politics reports.

“I believe they’re lying through their teeth,” Issa said on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo.

Issa, formerly chair of the Oversight Committee, claims it “very much a tradition” for the Justice Department to lie to Congress. He wished Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes and Oversight Committee Chair Trey Gowdy good luck finding the truth.

“To be honest, the deputy needs to recuse himself. We need to have a level of transparency. Probably not one person but multiple people who in fact oversee this to make sure that the American people get what they deserve,” Issa said.

Issa and Grassley Concerned About ATF Blocking Book by Whistleblower on “Fast and Furious”

John Dodson


WASHINGTON — Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Chuck Grassley sent a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Thursday demanding more information about the agency’s decision to prohibit the agent who blew the whistle on Operation Fast and Furious from publishing his book.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman and Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member, who have been outspoken critics of the failed gun-walking operation, wrote to the director of the ATF that the rejection of Special Agent John Dodson’s book was “disconcerting.”

“We find it disconcerting that ATF denied Special Agent Dodson’s request merely because the content of his book might be uncomfortable and embarrassing to some within your organization,” the lawmakers wrote. “This position does not reflect the commitment you made in your confirmation hearing to be supportive of whistleblowers in your role as director of the ATF.”

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Report on controversial Fast and Furious to be Released by Tuesday

Michael Horowitz

By Steve Neavling

 The Justice Department inspector general expects to issue the long-anticipated report on the ATF gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious by next Tuesday morning, CNN reports.

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Tuesday morning, following the report’s release.

Attorney General Eric Holder said he won’t take disciplinary action until the report is released, according to CNN.

The report is believed to assign blame on Phoenix officials who led the effort, CNN reported.

Justice Department Rejects Claims That Obama Administration Policies Led to Botched Drug-Running Case

Rep. Issa/gov photo

Steve Neavling

The Justice Department on Tuesday dismissed allegations from Republican lawmakers who claimed the Obama administration’s strategy for cracking down on gun-smuggling led to the botched Operation Fast and Furious, the Associated Press reports.

Republicans allege the administration shifted its focus from seizing firearms from Mexican drug cartels to identifying gun traffickers.

The idea was to track down drug kingpins and black-market weapons by following their track from low-level buyers in the U.S. to Mexico.

The Republican report “reiterates many of the distortions and now-debunked conspiracy theories that Rep. Issa has been advancing for a year and a half, including the fiction that the flawed tactics used in Fast and Furious were somehow the brainchild of the current administration as opposed to the reality that the pattern of flawed tactics dates back to 2006 and the prior administration,” Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler told the AP.

Issa: No Evidence of White House Cover-Up in ‘Fast and Furious’

Steve Neavling

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said Sunday there is no evidence that the White House was involved in a cover-up of the botched gun-trafficking operation known as “Fast and Furious,” Bloomberg reports.

Instead, Issa said on several Sunday talk shows that the blame lies with Justice Department for covering up documents about the operation, which allowed illegally purchased guns to be smuggled to Mexican drug cartels.

Meanwhile, the U.S. House is expected to vote this week on contempt of Congress charges against U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for withholding some documents.

“Justice lied to the American people on Feb. 4 and didn’t make it right for 10 months,” Issa sad on Fox New Sunday, according to Bloomberg.


Fast and Furious Redux?

Rep. Issa/gov photo

By Danny Fenster

It appears that members of Congress have found a new ATF operation to scrutinize.

But unlike Fast and Furious, the operation–code-named White Gun–has been defended by the agency as a “well-managed investigation” which resulted in the arrest and conviction of three individuals, reports LA Times.

Still, critics are skeptical.

“Apparently guns got away again,” an unnamed source close to the investigation told the Times. “How many got into Mexico, who knows?” The Congressional probe into the matter is being led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) and Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa).

The Times reports that operations White Gun and Fast and Furious both began in the fall of 2009, and that the same officials from the ATF ran both operations.

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DEA Money Laundering Began Under Reagan, Justice Says

By Danny Fenster

The DEA sting operation involving the laundering of money to drug cartels that has angered some Republican congressmen actually dates back to the Reagan administration, according to the Justice Department.

Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Ronald Weich sent a letter to Rep. Darrel Issa–the Republic congressman leading the charges against the Justice Department–which said Congress gave the DEA the authority to conduct such operations in 1984, reports a blog from the Houston Chronicle. During Reagan’s time in office DEA investigations laundered as much as $100 million, gaining access to top levels of drug cartel leadership, according to Weich.

Congress gave the Drug Enforcement Administration the authority to conduct such sting runs as far back as 1984, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Ronald Weich told Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., in a letter, obtained by Texas on the Potomac. In investigations during the Ronald Reagan administration, some in which agents laundered over $100 million, they gained access to the top levels of drug-cartel leadership, Weich wrote.

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Mexican Lawmakers Angry Over DEA’s Money Laundering

By Danny Fenster

Relations between U.S. and Mexico may suffer even more in wake of the latest disclosure of a  DEA money laundering sting.

The New York Times reported that DEA agents allowed and even facilitated the movement of drug money among criminals in the hopes that the paper trail would lead to top  bosses of the Mexican cartels. The operation has been used before internationally, but not in Mexico. While it drew criticism at home, the allegations have Mexican lawmakers furious and asking for an investigation, reports CNN.

Mexican Senator Felipe Gonzalez says his ruling PAN party will demand an investigation into the operation to see if the DEA allowed agents to launder money, possibly on Mexican soil, as part of their investigation.

“This is not increasing the trust among countries to work together against crime,” Gonzalez said, according to CNN. “Furthermore, you can’t fight crime by committing criminal acts and violating the law.”

At home, Rep. Darrel Issa has made similar claims, broadening an ongoing investigation beyond ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious. It will now include the allegations about the DEA.

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