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October 2021


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State AG: NSA Officers Did Nothing Wrong by Shooting Transgender Women Outside Agency

By Steve Neavling

NSA officers did nothing wrong when they shot and killed a transgender woman outside of a security gate at the entrance of the agency in Fort Meade, Md., the Washington Post reports.

The Maryland U.S. attorney’s office said no evidence of a crime agains the officers were was found.

“Federal prosecutors and agents reviewed the evidence from the March 30, 2015 shooting at the National Security Agency and determined that there was no crime committed by the officers,” Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in a statement. “Video recordings of the incident make clear that the driver ignored directions given by NSA guards, rammed a barrier at high speed and was racing toward the officer who fired at the vehicle.”

An FBI spokeswoman said the agency “does not have a case open on that matter.”

Ricky S. Hall, 27, who was driving, was killed. Her passenger, Kevin Fleming, was wounded.

The women had stolen the car, a Ford Escape.

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Inspector General: FBI Routinely Delays Investigations by Failing to Turn Over Records

Michael Horowitz

By Steve Neavling

The FBI is routinely denying federal investigators timely access to documents for audits and reviews, the Justice’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz complained to members of Congress on Tuesday.

The Associated Press reports that the FBI’s failure to cooperate has caused delays in investigations, so much so that Attorney General Eric Holder has had to intervene.

They only way to ensure compliance, he said, may be through congressional action.

Under a 1978 law, inspectors general are entitled to government records to investigate mismanagement and fraud.

The FBI denied delaying investigations.