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ATF Busts Michigan Sex Offender Accused of Impersonating ATF Agent

Christopher Proe, via U.S. Attorney’s Office.

By Steve Neavling

The ATF on Thursday arrested a convicted sex offender in Michigan who was impersonating an undercover ATF agent. 

Christopher Proe, 36, of Redford Township in suburban Detroit, was “typically wearing an ATF badge around his neck or belt, while simultaneously carrying a police radio, handcuffs and firearm,” ATF Special Agent Justin Henry wrote in a criminal complaint obtained by The Detroit News.

According to the complaint, Proe went by the pseudonym Chris Conley and told people he was an ATF supervisor in Detroit. 

“Proe has detained people before using ATF authority,” a third informant told investigators.

A serial felon with past convictions of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, weapons crime, conspiracy to defraud the government, and false pretenses, Roe was barred from possessing a firearm. 

When ATF agents arrested Proe at his girlfriend’s home in Redford Township, they found a loaded, stolen pistol, a replica ATF badge, and ammunition. Inside a pickup truck, agents also found additional ammunition and clothing that resembled a law enforcement uniform. 

Replica badge, stolen gun, and ammunition, via U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Fugitive Chicago Cop Captured After 14 Years on the Run

Former Chicago cop Eddie C. Hicks was on the lam since 2003.

Former Chicago cop Eddie C. Hicks was on the lam since 2003.

By Steve Neavling

A former Chicago police sergeant accused of using bogus search warrants to steal cash, drugs and guns was arrested 14 years after he went on the lam.

Eddie C. Hicks, who failed to show for his court hearing in June 2003, was arrested in Detroit and taken back to Chicago in federal custody, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. 

One of Hicks’ co-defendants, Lawrence Knitter, was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2005.

Federal authorities allege they busted Hicks and others on tape plotting to steal drugs from drug dealers. They are accused of posing as DEA Task Force officers while making traffic stops, and they forged search warrants to raid homes, apartments and hotel rooms.

Hicks, a 30-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, worked in the narcotics section between 1992 and 1997, when he is accused of stealing from drug dealers.

Ohio Man Busted for Impersonating DEA Agent to Collect Parking Fees

dea-badgeBy Steve Neavling

A 21-year-old nightclub security worker in Cleveland has been charged with robbery and impersonating a DEA agent.

Malik Ross, of Youngstown, is accused of sporting a DEA badge and charging people $20 to watch their cars, reports. 

It’s still unclear where Ross obtained the badge and whether it was real.

Police are still investigating.

The investigation began when three people told police they were approached by Ross and charged $20 to park. One motorist said Ross indicated he was a DEA agent who was providing security for the lot. 

Other Stories of Interest

Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Impersonating DEA Agent to Help Friend Win Back Wife

dea-badgeBy Steve Neavling

A former sheriff’s deputy in Florida is accused of posing as a federal drug agent in a bizarre plot to help his friend win his wife back, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

Authorities said Don Wheeler, a former Seminole County Sheriff’s deputy, called friends of his buddy’s wife, posing as a DEA agent and informing them that the woman’s new boyfriend was under investigation for drug trafficking.

Wheeler and his friend, Michael Maine, were charged with falsely impersonating an officer, conspiracy, extortion and unlawful use of a two-way communications device.

They face up to 30 years in prison.

Wheeler told investigators that he became involved because Maine loved his ex “with all his heart and just wanted her back.”

“The defendants allegedly created counterfeit DEA credentials to pass Wheeler off as a federal agent,” a news release states.

“According to court documents, Wheeler also called associates of Maine’s wife claiming she was involved in drug trafficking and that the DEA had an active criminal investigation into her involvement.”

Teen Impersonates FBI Agent to Take New Dodge Charger from Dealership, Crashes

By Steve Neavling

A teenager from Michigan crashed a new Dodge Charger after he convinced a car dealer that he was an FBI agent and wanted to test drive the car, the Associated Press reports.

The Ann Arbor 17-year-old, who was carrying what appeared to be a firearm on his hip, told the dealership in Ypsilanti Township that he was testing the car for the bureau.

The teen drove the car all the way to Toledo, Ohio, before heavily damage it in a crash.

When police in Ohio questioned him, he repeated his story that he was an FBI agent, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

The teen is expected to be charged soon in both Ohio and Michigan.

State Justice Department Employee Accused of Helping Run ‘Fictitious’ Police Department

Brandon Kiel

By Steve Neavling

A state Justice Department employee was among three people arrested for allegedly operating an underground police force in California.

Brandon Kiel, 31, of South Los Angeles, was charged with seven counts of impersonating a police officer and is on administrative leave, reports. 

“We cannot comment on the ongoing personnel matter or criminal investigation,” California DOJ spokeswoman Kristin Ford said.

During a raid last week, federal investigators found badges, police ID cards, weapons and uniforms.

The suspects declared the Masonic Fraternal Police Department to be a sate agency.

Kiel has worked with the California DOJ since July 2013 as the deputy director of community affairs.

What’s unclear is whether the trio ever performed law enforcement activities, such as pulling over cars and conducting raids.

San Jose Man Accused of Impersonating DEA Agent

Steve Neavling

 Jonathan V. Hoang wanted to be a federal law enforcement agency since he was a child.

He even unsuccessfully applied to the agency in 1986.

Now the 47-year-old San Jose man is accused of impersonating a federal drug agent by forging credentials, adding lights and sires to his truck and using his disguise to bypass credit checks, intimidate rivals, haggle over rent and dole out vigilante justice, the Mercury New reports.

Jonathan V. Hoang faces four counts, including pretending to be an officers of the United States, after he was arrested and indicted last week.

Hoang went as far as carrying a handgun and wearing a fake badge, according to the Mercury News.

Maryland Man Gets 3 Years in Prison for Impersonating an FBI Agent: Said He Earned $37,000 a Month as an Agent

By Allan Lengel

A Maryland man was hit with the maximum three-year prison sentence on Thursday for impersonating an FBI agent, who said he could get discounts on real estate deals because he was with the bureau. It was the second time he had been convicted of impersonating a federal officer.

U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. of Greenbelt, Md. sentenced John Angus Milton McBean, Jr., 41, of Oxon Hill, Md., after he pleaded guilty on Thursday.

Authorities discovered the problem after someone  contacted the FBI to say that  McBean was  posing as an FBI Special Agent and offered to assist the person in buying a home.

McBean told the person as an FBI agent  he had access to residential properties at significantly reduced prices, authorities said.

He offered access to such property for  an initial payment of $2,500. The person then gave him a partial payment of $775 as a down payment.

In May, the person interested in buying the home  introduced an undercover FBI task force officer to McBean, who posed as a friend  interested in the real estate discount.

McBean  drove the original buyer along with the undercover task force officer around Upper Marlboro, Md., in suburban D.C., to look for home. McBean solicited a “down payment” of approximately $2,700 from the undercover officer.

Authorities said that  McBean  said that he earned  $37,000 a month at the FBI, where he had worked since 1984. He also said that  he attended the University of Miami, majoring in psychology and hostage profiling and that he handled the transfer of dignitaries at “Andrews Air Force Base;” presently had an office in the White House, where he supervised U.S. Secret Service agents and owned several adult entertainment establishments and car dealerships.

Quite a resume.

He was arrested on arrested on May 31.

He was previously convicted of impersonating a federal officer and was sentenced in 2007 to 18 months in prison.