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June 2022


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Tag: impersonating an agent

Man Impersonates Cop in Wake of Connecticut Elementary School Massacre

Steve Neavling

What is it with people impersonating FBI agents?

Usually it’s a scam to get personal information or money.

But in a case out of Williamsburg, VA, the motive is a lot less clear. reported Wednesday that Joseph Wilson was going door-to-door, saying he was examining the area in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting – hundreds of miles away.

Suspicious residents called authorities, who eventually captured Wilson and issued him a summons for impersonating a law enforcement officer.

San Jose Man Accused of Impersonating DEA Agent

Steve Neavling

 Jonathan V. Hoang wanted to be a federal law enforcement agency since he was a child.

He even unsuccessfully applied to the agency in 1986.

Now the 47-year-old San Jose man is accused of impersonating a federal drug agent by forging credentials, adding lights and sires to his truck and using his disguise to bypass credit checks, intimidate rivals, haggle over rent and dole out vigilante justice, the Mercury New reports.

Jonathan V. Hoang faces four counts, including pretending to be an officers of the United States, after he was arrested and indicted last week.

Hoang went as far as carrying a handgun and wearing a fake badge, according to the Mercury News.

Texas Man Posing as DEA Agent Fools No One

Steve Neavling

No one knows what Ford Cummings was thinking when he walked into a Texas jail, posing as a DEA agent who needed the release of an inmate.

The 32-year-old with a gun tucked into his belt and no ID raised some eyebrows, the Houston Press reports.

Cummings was charged with third-degree count of carrying a prohibited weapon and a count of impersonating a public servant.

Pakistani Man Arrested for Posing as FBI Agent to Swindle Victims

Shoshanna Utchenik

Hayat Khan, a 48 year old Pakistani man, was arrested Thursday for impersonating an FBI agent in Pakistan, swindling victims out of millions of rupees, reports the New York Post.

Khan earned victims’ trust by exchanging $500 to $1000 of authentic currency, telling victims there was more where that came from because agents could access large stores of cash.

He then gave them counterfeit dollars in larger transactions. He finished such deals with sacs full of rupees totalling up to $50k, out only the costs of printing the fake money and engineering his FBI disguise, which included a wig.

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FBI Impersonator Busted in Georgia

Shoshanna Utchenik

It’s unclear what would make a Georgia man strut around a convenience store pretending to be an undercover agent, but his days of make-believe appear to be over — at least for now.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Charles Roger Gamble was indicted by a grand jury in Clarke County, Georgia this week for allegedly impersonating an FBI agent.

Gamble supposedly told a store clerk he was an undercover agent while displaying badges and carrying one to two guns in holsters on multiple occasions, according to AJC. The clerk became suspicious and the owner contacted police after Gamble offered his real name, a fishy move for an undercover agent.

The cop on the scene ran Gamble’s name and came up with a 2005 domestic violence conviction, which would prohibit him from carrying weapons.

The clerk found Gamble’s badges believable, but on closer inspection they read “national concealed permit.” The badges can be purchased online.

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