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December 2021


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Tag: immigration court

Report: U.S. Immigration Courts Rife with Delays, Inaccurate Reports

Steve Neavling

 U.S. immigration courts are riddled with delays and inaccurate reports, according to a report issued Tuesday by the inspector general of the Justice Department, the San Antonio Express-News writes.

The report shows that immigration courts have overstated accomplishments and failed to properly document persistent delays that are crowding the dockets and court calendars, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

The inspector general report is based on eight sample states and 1,785 immigration removal cases.

About 53% of case averaged four continuances that resulted in more than a year of delays, the San Antonio Express-News wrote.

Also discovered were inaccurate reports about the disposition of immigration cases.

Immigration Officers Deporting Repeat Offenders Before Conclusion of Court Hearings


Immigration officials are angering some immigration attorneys, who say the agency is wrongly deporting immigrants before their court hearings are completed. Immigration officials say these immigrants violated previous deportation orders. Immigration attorneys say once the case goes before a judge, it’s up to the judge to decide what to do, not immigration officers.

By Anna Gorman
Los Angeles Times

Fernando Arteaga appeared last week in Immigration Court as part of a lengthy battle to stay in the United States. But just before the hearing began, immigration officers removed him from the courtroom, arrested him and took him into custody.

Several hours later, agents deported him to Mexico — even though his court case was still underway.

Arteaga, 44, is among a small number of immigrants picked up in recent weeks by immigration agents at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse. All of the people arrested there had been previously deported and all had criminal records, said Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice.

Immigration agents are reinstating previous orders of deportation, Kice said, which “enables the nation’s immigration judges to focus on the cases of those aliens who have not had their day in court.”

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