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September 2021


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Obama Administration Removed More than 100,000 Immigrants with No Criminal Record This Year

Steve Neavling 

The Obama administration is deporting fewer people, but his administration continues to oust tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who don’t have criminal records, The Washington Times reports.

The deportation of rank-and-file immigrants – more than 110,000 this year – is incensing advocacy groups.

“DHS consistently misleads the public about who it is deporting,” said Jessica Karp, staff attorney at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. “The Obama administration has created a ‘criminal immigrant’ boogeyman to justify unprecedented deportation levels. But when we look at the facts, again and again we see that the majority of those deported have no or only very minor misdemeanor convictions, including traffic offenses.”

The numbers were compiled and released by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.


ICE Officers Files Suit Over President Obama’s Immigration Initiative

Pres. Obama at press conference/white house file photo

By Steve Neavling

Ten ICE officers filed a lawsuit in federal court last week in hopes of invalidating President Obama’s new initiative to defer the removal of 1.8 million young illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements for at least two years, according to the Heritage Foundation.

The lawsuit claims the agents have been ordered to release illegal immigrations who say they meet conditions of the deferral.

ICE agents say the initiative runs counter to Congress’ intent to reduce executive discretion over immigration laws, the foundation reports.

The foundation, however, believes the case will be difficult to win because a judge may decide the defendants have no standing.


Two Ex-Border Patrol Agents Convicted of Smuggling Immigrants

By Allan Lengel

It was the end of the line Friday for two former U.S. Border Patrol agents who fled to Mexico while under investigation for smuggling hundreds of illegal immigrants.

The Los Angeles Times reports that two, who are brothers, were convicted in federal court in San Diego of multiple counts of conspiracy, bribery and human smuggling. The brothers names are Raul Villarreal, 42, and Fidel Villarreal, 44.

In 2006, the two fled to Mexico after catching wind that they were under investigation. They were eventually captured.


50 Indicted in Fraudulent ID Trafficking Scheme in Puerto Rico

By Danny Fenster

Big goings on in Puerto Rico.

Fifty people have been charged in an indictment unsealed Wednesday in Puerto Rico with conspiracy to commit ID fraud as part of their alleged roles in an ID trafficking scheme. The charges were announced by leaders from the Justice Department, ICE, Homeland Securities Investigations, the US Postal Inspection Service, the State Department and the IRS.

A federal grand jury returned the one-count indictment on Dec. 29. Defendants were arrested Wednesday across Puerto Rico and the United States.

“The indictment unsealed today alleges that from April 2009 to December 2011, the defendants operated an extensive black market, identity fraud ring,” said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer. “The alleged conspiracy stretched across the United States and Puerto Rico, using suppliers, identity brokers and mail and money runners to fill and deliver orders for the personal identifying information and government-issued identity documents of Puerto Rican U.S. citizens.”

Authorities said brokers solicited and sold ID documents in the US for prices between $700 and $2,500 per set, using coded telephone calls to suppliers in Puerto Rico to place orders for the documents. They used terms like “shirts,” “uniforms” or “clothes,” to refer to the documents. “Specifically, the brokers asked for ‘skirts’ for female customers and ‘pants’ for male customers in various ‘sizes,’ which referred to the ages of the identities sought by the customers,” said the Justice Department.

The defendants 15 year maximum sentences and fines of $250,000.

9 Ex-DEA Officials Ask Justice Dept. to Challenge Legalization of Marijuana in Calif.

marijuana-umledu2By Allan Lengel

Nine former DEA administrators have fired off a letter to Attorney Gen. Eric Holder Jr. asking that he step in if Californians in November vote to legalize marijuana, the Associated Press reports.

AP reports that the administrators wrote an Aug. 24 letter to Holder asking that he file a lawsuit challenging the legalization if voters approve Proposition 19.

The letter says that legalization of marijuana would challenge federal authority, AP reported. The administrators said the lawsuit would be similar to one the administration filed in Arizona involving immigrants.

“We would expect the Department of Justice to act just as swiftly and for the same reason,” the letter said, according to AP.


Atty. Gen. Mukasey Erases Ruling of Bush Regime that Denied Immigrants Effective Legal Counsel

It’s not unusual for current administrations to undo some of the last minute rulings of the previous regime. Here’s one that will certainly be applauded by civil rights and immigration rights organizations.

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder Jr.

Atty. Gen. Eric Holder Jr.

The BLT: The Blog of Legal Times
WASHINGTON –Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. today vacated a ruling issued in the waning days of the Bush administration that denied immigrants the right to effective legal counsel in deportation proceedings.

In January, then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s scrapped a 20-year-old precedent established in Matter of Lozada, a Board of Immigration Appeals decision which held that immigrants could reopen their hearings based on lawyer error. Mukasey held that immigrants in deportation proceedings have no constitutional right to effective assistance.
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