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Tag: illegal immigrant smuggling

Border Patrol Agents Accused of Smuggling Immigrants

Steve Neavling

Trial begins next month for two former Border Patrol agents accused of smuggling people from Mexico, Fox News reported.

One of the agents, Raul Villarreal, often appeared on TV to warn Mexicans of the dangers of entering the U.S. illegally.

Villarreal’s older brother and fellow former agent, Fidel Villarreal also is accused of smuggling hundreds of migrants from Mexico, according to Fox News.

The high-profile corruption case is just the latest in an agency that has struggled with malfeasance since doubling its number of agents to more than 21,000 over the past seven years, Fox News reported.

Mexican Drug Cartels Moving in On Lucrative Illegal Immigrant Smuggling


Not a surprise that the Mexican drug cartels would find other lucrative enterprises. This time it’s smuggling of illegal aliens. That’s an area that can only become more violent as the cartels take over. Here’s another reason for the U.S. to step it up and address the Mexican drug cartel and border problems.

By Josh Meyer
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON— Mexican drug cartels and their vast network of associates have branched out from their traditional business of narcotics trafficking and are now playing a central role in the multibillion-dollar-a-year business of illegal immigrant smuggling, U.S. law enforcement officials and other experts say.

The business of smuggling humans across the Mexican border has always been brisk, with many thousands coming across every year.

But smugglers affiliated with the drug cartels have taken the enterprise to a new level — and made it more violent — by commandeering much of the operation from independent coyotes, according to these officials and recent congressional testimonies.

U.S. efforts to stop the cartels have been stymied by a shortage of funds and the failure of federal law enforcement agencies to collaborate effectively with one another, their local and state counterparts and the Mexican government, officials say.

U.S. authorities have long focused their efforts on the cartels’ trafficking of cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamines, which has left a trail of violence and corruption.

Many of those officials now say that the toll from smuggling illegal immigrants is often far worse.

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