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January 2022


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Honduran Woman Claims ICE Agent Raped Her for 7 Years, Impregnating Her 3 Times

Courtesy of ICE

By Steve Neavling

A Honduran woman living in Connecticut has accused an ICE agent of repeteadly raping and impregnating her for seven years, threatening to deport her if she didn’t do what he said, according to a federal lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges ICE Agent Wilfredo Rodriguez impregnated her three times and raped her up to four times a week.

“My only comment is that my client had a choice, cooperate with ICE or be deported with her family,” George Kramer, the woman’s lawyer, said in an email to the Associated Press. “She remains in a very fragile psychological state. She is not only seeking compensation for the physical and emotional damage she suffered but to change the way those who are cooperating with ICE are treated by those in a position of power and who often wield total control over the ability to remain in the United States.”

ICE declined to comment on the case but said Rodriguez no longer works at the agency.

According to the lawsuit, Rodriguez met the woman in 2006 and began demanding she become an informant to help deport undocumented immigrants.

A year later, she says, Rodriguez raped her at gunpoint. That was the beginning of seven years of sexual assault, the lawsuit states. During that period, she was impregnated three times and had an abortion each time.

According to the suit, she attempted suicide four times.

When Rodriguez left the agency, he warned her that “she and her family would pay” if she told authorities what happened.

She finally came forward last year when her husband applied for asylum. She confided in an agent, who suggested she consult an attorney.

Authorities Search for Missing ICE Agent in Los Angeles Area

Steve Neavling

Feds and local police launched a search Wednesday night for a missing ICE agent who didn’t turn up for work in southern California, The Los Angeles Times reports.

But authorities expressed some optimism late Wednesday that no foul play was involved. ICE released a statement shortly before 11 p.m., saying they believed the unidentified officer “was picked up by a fellow … employee after experiencing vehicle problems overnight on a local freeway.”

However, police “will continue to treat the this as a ‘missing persons’ case until the officer is actually contacted.”

The updates were posted on a LA Times report about the suspected disappearance.

Earlier in the day, ICE wrote in a press release, “A search is underway … for an officer with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s and Removal Operations division who may be missing.”

ICE Agent Who Shot Supervisor Struggled for Gun With Colleague

By Allan Lengel

ICE agent Ezequiel Garcia, who shot his supervisor last week in Long Beach, Calif., struggled for his gun with another ICE agent who shot him, the Associated Press reported.

“There was a very, very intense struggle,” ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice said, according to AP. “They were physically struggling over the gun.”

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Things Seemed Normal, But Calif. ICE Agent Never Came Home

By Victoria Kim and Paloma Esquivel
Los Angeles Times

Ezequiel Garcia, a longtime federal immigration agent, had told his wife of problems at work.

But when she called him at the office Thursday, everything seemed normal. They talked about having Korean barbecue for dinner. Before he could go home, however, he had to meet with a high-ranking supervisor about his job performance.

The exchange grew heated, and Garcia did the unthinkable: He turned his weapon on a fellow agent. He fired at least six shots at the supervisor before another quick-acting agent intervened and shot him dead.

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Authorities Capture Mexican Drug Lord Tied to ICE Agent’s Death